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Wake ForestWake Forest, North Carolina is located in the northern part of Wake County. It is just north of Raleigh on U.S. 1. In the last twenty years Wake Forest has undergone major development and doubled the population. The town currently has 36,963 residents. Wake Forest has an active community program with a number of events planned each year. This is a family friendly community with several parks and extensive greenway trails throughout the city.

Wake Forest is a great place to call home. It has a number of different types of housing options from older historic homes near the downtown district to the planned communities that have been built more recently. There is a lot to do in the area including visiting nearby Falls Lake. Wake Forest has a subtropical climate with mild temperatures through the fall, winter and spring. The summer days can be hot and humid. This is a great climate if you enjoy spending time outdoors, but it is also favorable to a number of pests that can hurt you, your family and your home. Fortunately, the experts at EcoTek Termite and Pest Control can help.

EcoTek has been serving the greater Triangle area since 2011. Our pest control technicians are trained to quickly spot an issue and address it. EcoTek can help with any pests from termites to cockroaches and even with wildlife that may be invading your property. Stop worrying about your pest control problem and call EcoTek today.

Ant Control

ant Ants tend to show up again in the spring and summer months. You may start off noticing just one, but if that one finds food or water, you will likely have a trail of ants marching through your kitchen. Treating them with baits may temporarily stop the problem, but they will likely come back, again and again. In order to stop ants once and for all you need to kill the queen, which will eliminate the entire colony.

Household ants are the only ants plaguing Wake Forest residents. Fire ants and carpenter ants are also problems. Carpenter ants will build their nests inside the wood of your home, which weakens it like termite damage. Fire ants can bite your children or you pet which can be quite painful. EcoTek’s ant control technicians can quickly inspect your home and exterminate all ants so that they will not come back. Contact EcoTek to set up your free ant inspection today.

Termite Control

termite mud tubesTermites will eat through any wood that they find. They cause thousands of dollars of damages throughout the country each year. Most people do not realize that they have termites until a significant amount of damage has been done. This is because termites will work behind the walls and in areas of the home that you do not see.

One of the signs that you might have termites are the mud tubes that they will build up the side of your foundation. It is important to have regular termite inspections of your property. This makes it easier to catch the damage before it becomes significant, thereby limiting the amount of termite damage repairs that will be needed should termites be found. Our technicians can perform a free termite inspection. If you do not have termites, you can be assured that your home is safe. If termites are found, you will receive a free estimate and termite elimination plan as well as a list of repairs that need to be completed. Learn more about our termite control services.

Bed Bug Control

bed bugsBed bugs are a growing problem in North Carolina and in Wake Forest. Bed bugs have made a comeback in the last twenty years, most likely the result of people traveling more often. Most people accidentally bring bed bugs home with them after a business trip or vacation. Since bed bugs can go up to thirty days without eating, many people do not realize there is an issue until the colony has firmly established itself. Signs of bed bug infestation include seeing bloodstains on your sheets, droppings in your bedding and having rows of itchy bites.

Treating bed bugs by yourself can be difficult because they are nocturnal and very small. They will hide themselves in cracks that you may not realize are there. In order for the treatment to be effective, it must be applied to the bed bug directly. The experts at EcoTek know where to find bed bugs and can complete a bed bug control treatment plan to eliminate bed bugs in your home. Contact EcoTek to set up a free bed bug inspection today.

Cockroach Control

cockroachWhile cockroaches are often associated with filth, the truth is they can quickly establish themselves in any home. Cockroaches can wander in on their own or they may come in bags or packages that you bring in your home. Cockroaches love cardboard and if you store it to reuse, you may be creating the perfect place for them to build their nests. Cockroaches can prove a health hazard to you and your family as they carry bacteria on them and then spread it as they crawl over your dishes and through your food.

Treating cockroaches on your own can be tricky. It can be difficult to find their nests and to completely clean up after them. Each type of cockroach requires a slightly different roach extermination strategy. The cockroach control experts at EcoTek can identify the type of roaches you have (American, Oriental or German) and come up with a treatment strategy to clear up your roach problem or good. Contact EcoTek to schedule a free cockroach inspection.

Flea and Tick Control

tickTicks can pose a serious health problem for both humans and animals. They carry serious illnesses like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever and can even cause people to develop an allergy to meat. Fleas carry diseases as well, but they tend to more directly impact your pets. They can cause your pets to develop tapeworms, cat scratch fever (even dogs), and become anemic. Your pets may itch so much that they develop sores.

Signs of a flea or tick infestation include finding the insects on your pet or even on you. Fleas tend to bite around the ankles of people. Fleas will lay up to fifty eggs a day which will fall off your pet into the carpet, which is why it is important to treat your home as well as your animals. The flea and tick control experts at EcoTek can perform a free flea and tick inspection and then treat your home to eliminate any fleas and ticks. We also offer outside treatments to prevent your animals for picking them up when they are outside.

Rodent Control

mouseRodents, like rats and mice, can wreak havoc on your home in just a short period of time. They will leave trails of droppings and urine wherever they go, and by doing this can spread serious illnesses like the hantavirus. In addition to possibly making your family sick, they can chew through your food, your clothing or linens as well as your walls and electrical wiring causing a possible fire hazard.

Rodents reproduce rapidly and one or two mice can quickly turn into more than a dozen. It is important to act quickly to eliminate any rodents that may be in your home. Catching them on your own can be tricky and possibly put yourself or your pets in danger. The professional rodent control technicians at EcoTek can trap and remove the rodents for you. They can also help with the cleanup and decontamination process, as well as install exclusion barriers to prevent them from getting in your home again. Contact EcoTek to set up your free rodent inspection today.

Wildlife Removal

wildlife Wildlife can pose a problem to homeowners in Wake Forest. While squirrels, raccoons, birds and bats do not pose a real threat to your family, it is different when they decide to build their nests in your home. Bird and bats can pose a problem because they will deposit droppings and guano in your home which is unsanitary and can smell bad. Squirrels and raccoons can pull down insulation, chew through wires and wreak havoc to your structure. Raccoons can also become territorial and aggressive towards your family members or pets.

The EcoTek wildlife control team can also help trap and remove wild animals that may be on your property. We only set traps that are safe for the animals, which is important in case a pet wanders in. We check the traps regularly and will remove the animals once caught. We can also help with decontamination, clean up and repairs to your home. As part of the service we install exclusion barriers to stop them from getting in your home again. Contact EcoTek to set up your free wildlife inspection today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you offer organic treatment options?

    We offer both organic and conventional treatment options for the majority of our treatments. The termite treatments are only available as conventional treatments, but we do offer a chemical free termite monitoring option.

    Is it necessary to be at home during treatments?

    You do not need to be at home during a treatment. You will need to give the technician access to your home. The technician will leave you a note that states the date and time of the treatment. You do need to be home during the termite inspection.

    How long does a treatment take?

    A treatment usually takes about twenty minutes. If you have a larger home it may take up to thirty minutes to complete the treatment. Your initial appointment will take about ten minutes longer because an inspection will be completed. Bed bug treatments will take about an hour per room to complete.

    What are the differences between carpenter ants and termites?

    Carpenter ants actually build their nests inside of the wood. They do not eat the wood, so you may find small piles of sawdust around your home. Carpenter ants have narrow segmented waists, while termites have wider waists and appear more uniform in length. They will eat the wood.

    Do bed bugs respond to treatments?

    Bed bugs are resistant to some treatments. In order the treatments to be effective the insecticide needs to be applied directly to them, which is why a bed bug treatment can take longer to complete. Our technicians are trained on how to find bed bugs that may be hiding in the cracks in your room.

    Is service available the same day?

    If you call before 12:00 pm, we can usually send someone out to your home the same day. If you call in the afternoon, we can send someone out the next day. You can also schedule an appointment or inspection in advance.

    Are there treatment plans available?

    We offer three treatment plans that include quarterly inspections and regular treatments We offer a plan that covers conventional treatment options. The second plan covers organic treatment options. The third plan includes termite treatments and prevention.

    How often do you check the traps when catching wildlife?

    We check the traps every day or every other day as needed, depending on the location and the weather. We do not want the animals to suffer from dehydration or starvation. Once an animal is caught we will drive it at least twenty-five miles away before we release it into the wild.

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