Cockroach Control

dead roachAlthough EcoTek specializes in termites and every type of pest control imaginable, nothing compares to the level of disgust when our customers describe a cockroach infestation when we’re called in to perform a cockroach control treatment. Cockroaches are notorious for infesting kitchens and ruining food stored in cabinets and pantries, plus roaches can be highly dangerous to those who have respiratory issues since they can trigger allergic reactions and worsen asthma. Some cockroaches can also carry diseases that can make you and your family sick, especially if they crawl over your clean dishes and get into your food.

Cockroaches breed rapidly and one or two can soon become hundreds. It can be difficult to find their nests since they can squeeze through very small cracks. Roaches can wander into your home, but they can also come into your home on second hand furniture or in shopping bags. Keeping sources of food sealed, and your kitchen clean can help to combat roaches, but once you have them, you will need to take steps to eliminate them completely. You may also want to check your home for leaking pipes since roaches need a steady water supply. It’s important to call the cockroach exterminators at EcoTek for a free cockroach inspection at the first sign of roaches within your home or business since they can multiply rapidly.

Each species of roach has different habits and each treatment plan needs to be based on the type of roach and the seriousness of the infestation. The experts at EcoTek can quickly identify the roaches can create an effective treatment plan for your situation. Our technicians can also help with the cleanup to give your family a safe environment free from these pests. There are thousands of different types of cockroaches throughout the United States, but in North Carolina we are most commonly called out to exterminate 2 variations of roaches that are found both indoors and outdoors.

Free Cockroach Inspection and Estimate

Once you see any cockroaches either inside or outside of your home or business, it’s important to call us immediately so we can come out and do a free roach inspection to determine what types of roaches you have, and the extent of the infestation. We’ll examine the areas where the cockroaches live and breed, plus we’ll look for signs of damage so you’ll know not only any costs for exterminating the cockroaches, but what might need to be aware of that should be repaired.

Cockroach Extermination Treatment

Our comprehensive treatment process for killing adult cockroaches and their larvae involves several types of extermination methods and insecticides. While most people might think that exterminating roaches is as simple as spraying areas where cockroaches live, it’s actually much more involved, and requires using baiting systems and insecticides that are designed to be the most effective for the type of pest we are eliminating. Since all of our pest control services come with satisfaction and money back guarantees, you can rest assured that once we have performed a thorough cockroach extermination treatment on your home or business to kill any and all cockroaches, then you won’t have to worry about them returning. If you do happen to see even one cockroach, call us immediately and we’ll come out to perform another treatment at no cost.

Most Common Types of Cockroaches

Although there are over 4500 types of cockroaches, most people that call for cockroach extermination treatments are usually faced with the most common roaches, which are the German and American cockroaches.

The German Cockroach

German cockroachThe German cockroach is most commonly what you’ll find thriving within your kitchen, and are what you’ll find scattering across the floor, the kitchen counters, and in your cabinets when the lights come on at night. They are the smallest roaches we deal with, and are normally about 1/2 inch in size. They are easily identified by 2 dark parallel lines that are located directly behind their head like the picture shown here. Just like the American cockroach, the German cockroach hates cold, but regardless of what time of year it is they will thrive and rapidly reproduce in your kitchen until there are thousands of them infesting every crack and crevice imaginable.

The American Cockroach

American cockroach
Of the 2 variations of roaches we are faced with exterminating, American cockroaches are the largest and can grow as big as 1 1/2 inches in size. They are commonly known as Palmetto bugs, but are also known as water bugs since they prefer warm and moist areas such as laundry rooms, clothes hampers, areas around sinks and tubs, basements, crawl spaces, or just about anywhere that moisture or condensation can be found. During the warmer months they can be found mostly outside, but when the weather turns cold they will seek refuge within your home or business since they are intolerant to lower temperatures.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can my children/pets be home when the treatment is applied?

    The treatments are safe to be done around your children. However, we do ask that you remove your pets from your home during the treatment and for four hours after the treatment is applied. The pets are attracted to the pesticide and it can be harmful to them until it is completely dry.

    How can I prevent cockroaches?

    There are steps you can take to prevent roaches. If you keep your home clean and clear of clutter, the roaches will not find food to eat. Fixing leaky pipes will also help to prevent roaches since they do need a steady source of water to survive.

    How do cockroaches get in the home?

    Cockroaches can wander into your home looking for food or water. They may come in through cracks around windows or doors. They may come in through the vents on your roof. You may also bring them in in boxes or packages from the store.

    What are signs of cockroaches?

    The most common sign of cockroaches is seeing them. Generally, if you see just one or two, you will likely have more in your home. Other signs include droppings and egg cases. The droppings of small roaches look like ground paper. The larger roaches have cylindrical droppings. There is also a distinct odor related to roaches.

    What can I do to prevent American cockroaches from getting in my home?

    American cockroaches are also known as palmetto bugs or water bugs. These are large roaches that are known for being outside You tend to see them more when it rains. They will wander in your home through the front door or come in from the roof and down the vents into your bathroom. If you trim the branches that are hanging over your roof back, you can prevent the number that can get in that way. Also, be sure that there are no cracks around your doors or windows to keep them out.

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