Rodent Control

Rats and mice can cause more damage inside our homes than any other mammal in the world. They spoil food; spread salmonella, hantavirus and 17 other diseases. Rats and mice can chew holes in your wall as well as electrical wires which can cause fires. Rodents reproduce rapidly and can grow from a single pair or mice into 20 or more in only a few months. Rodents can cause damage to your bedding and other items in storage as they forage for nesting materials and food.

rat feedingRats, mice, squirrels and rodents in general are never a welcome site in your home. There are several actions you can take to prevent them from gaining access to your home. You can identify potential areas where a rodent may enter your home and install exclusion barriers in vents or other areas. Mice can cross thin electrical wires to reach your roof and find a way in that way.

However, once inside your home it takes experts like the EcoTek rodent pest control team to remove them, their nests, as well as clean up the droppings of affected areas, and also repair the damage they produce. Although it may be tempting to take care of them yourself using traps or poison, you can put your pets at risk of the traps or if they eat a poisoned rodent. The best way to deal with the issue is to call a rodent control professional. Our rodent removal expert team can help you with the entire clean up process which will keep your family safe from the dangers that rodents can cause. Here are some signs that you may have a rat or mouse infestation:

  • Rat or mouse droppings: If you see even a few droppings, you know you have a problem. Droppings are a sure sign that rodents are present.
  • Unexplained holes or tears in cloth, clothing, insulation, fabric and other materials. Rodents use these materials to build their nests.
  • Small holes in the bottom of desk drawers, kitchen cabinets and other pieces of furniture.
  • Strange scratching noises in the walls, especially at night.

If you’ve determined that you have mice, rats, or squirrels that are living in your home or business, or you’re still not sure then it’s extremely important you call the EcoTek Rodent Control professionals for a free in-home consultation. Getting rid of them as soon as possible will lessen the degree of damage that they can inflict on your home and reduce the potential that you or your family could be infected from a disease that is associated to a rodent infestation.

Rodent Cleanup, Repair and Prevention Services

Removal of mice or rats by the rodent control team is just part of the process, it’s extremely important to thoroughly remove all the disease ridden nests and droppings that are left when you have an infestation of mice, rats, or squirrels, and once everything has been cleaned start the process of repairing the damage from where they can chew through parts of your home.

Infestation Decontamination

The bacteria left behind from rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels have been linked to dangerous diseases such as hantavirus, so it’s vital that all remnants of their nesting, feces, and hair be removed immediately after their extermination. Decontaminating the areas where they have bred and traveled will remove both the physical elements that can harbor bacteria, plus it will remove all the unpleasant odors that they contain.

Rodent Damage Repair

Once the rodents have been removed and all the areas where they were present have been cleaned, the next step of the process is to completely survey and repair the damages from where they have chewed. The EcoTek damage repair division is very familiar with all aspects of repairing drywall, air ducts, insulation, electrical wiring, and even plumbing or HVAC equipment where they will sometimes choose to live.

pest exclusion

Rodent Prevention Services

Our Home Services team provides the final step of the process of our rodent control services by setting up pest exclusion barriers that will prevent rats, mice, or squirrels from ever returning into your home. They will seal off any and all locations where they can gain entry into your home or business.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the dangers of a rodent infestation?

    There are two different types of dangers from a rodent infestation. The first is from the diseases that rodents can carry. They can contaminate your food which can cause you to become ill. The other issue is that they can cause fire hazards in your home when they chew on electrical wiring.

    What diseases do rodents carry?

    There are a number of diseases that rodents carry. Hantavirus, hemorrhagic fever and rat bite fever are just a few of the diseases that they carry. They can also bring in fleas that can spread disease like the plague. Other diseases include rat-bite fever and salmonellosis.

    Is rodent control included in a pest control package?

    Rodent control is included in our Home Safe Guard and +Structural Pest and Termite Control packages. These packages include free re-sprays and quarterly inspections of your property. In addition to the rodents, they also include protection against pests that may enter your home.

    Do you have humane treatment options?

    We do have humane treatment options available. Ask our technicians for the different options available and the best solution for your infestation. The technicians will check the traps daily or every other day based on the treatment type and the seriousness of your infestation.

    How long will it take to clear out an infestation?

    Each infestation will take a different amount of time to clear up. The more rodents that you have in your home, the longer it will take. However, our technicians will be out to check the traps each day and will continue setting new ones until you are rodent free.

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