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Wildlife Pest Control Services Required!There are many types of wild-life damage that your property can incur that would cause you to seek out our wildlife pest control services. Depending on where you live, your property can be damaged by raccoons, woodchucks, skunks, gophers, squirrels, bears, birds, bats, rabbits, deer … and maybe even a few animals you haven’t ever even heard of. (Can you identify all of the animals in the picture at the right?)

The list of possible animal culprits is so long and the methods for damage prevention so varied, that getting an expert like EcoTek to handle any wildlife pest control is certainly the best possible decision you can make when you are having wildlife pest control issues. Our wildlife pest control services include ecologically sound, pet friendly alternatives that can handle just about any situation…the bat that got into your house, the skunk that’s under your porch, the raccoon that’s raiding your garbage, the rabbit that’s eating the leaves off of your flowers.

We offer our wildlife control service in the following areas of the Triangle: Pest Control in Apex, Pest Control in Cary, Pest Control in Chapel Hill, Pest Control in Durham, Pest Control in Morrisville and Pest Control in Raleigh.

Call EcoTek and hand over your wildlife pest control problems to them. They can take care of them for you!

Here are some of the wildlife control services we provide: CritterTEK HomeSafeGuard Service, CritterTEK Bat and Bird Services, Wildlife Damage Control and Exclusion Services.

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    We specialize in wildlife pest control. EcoTek guarantees our services. Our services are comprehensive and we provide pest control services all of the NC Triangle, including the following locations:

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    EcoTek is proud to be the leading independent Pest Management Company in the Triangle. Our contemporary and comprehensive approach to pest control services provides our clients with real value, choice and transparency. Whether it’s commercial, residential or outdoor pest and mosquito control an EcoTek Pest Prevention program will provide peace of mind, incredible value and a trouble-free service process. Choose from a variety of pest control programs utilizing the most effective pest control technologies available. We emphasize truly Green and Eco-friendly experience featuring our Essentria Line of All-Natural and Organic Compliant pest control products. EcoTek even offers Chemical Free Termite Monitoring Systems and Eco-Friendly Baiting Processes. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and a pest free home and workplace. Our “Interior Anytime Ultimate Guarantee” is the most comprehensive in the industry and ensures we are there for you at any time, for any reason, period! Find out why locally owned and locally operated means more value, a better service process and greater flexibility for our clients. Pest Free, Web Free, Hassle Free… Guaranteed!

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