Wildlife Control

NC wildlifeThere are many types of wildlife that can damage your property and cause you to seek out professional wildlife control services for trapping and removing creatures that have invaded your home, business, or surrounding property. Depending on where you live, your home and property can be damaged by a variety of animals that can invade your pond or streams, wooded areas, your land and surrounding yard, the outside structure of your building, and most importantly, the inside of your home or business. These creatures will not only live, eat, breed, and defecate on your property once that have made your home their habitat, but they’ll also die within the same area. This can cause foul odors to permeate into everything within a close range of where the animals have died, which is not only unpleasant to smell, but can be a major health issue.

The professionals at EcoTek Termite and Pest Control offers wildlife control services to help protect you and your family from the dangers that wildlife can expose your family to. It is important to use a professional to avoid the risks that can come with being bitten or disposing of already dead animals.

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

Although North Carolina is home to many species of animals that call the Triangle area their home, we have a short list of animals that we are commonly called out for to trap and remove.

  • Raccoons
  • Possums
  • Moles
  • Woodchucks
  • Skunks
  • Gophers
  • Squirrels
  • Snakes
  • Rabbits
  • Deer

Raccoon, Possum, and Squirrel Control

Raccoons, possums, and squirrels are notorious for choosing crawl spaces, basements, and attics for nesting and breeding. Squirrels will typically have a couple litters per year and can have as many as eight offspring per litter. Possums prefer to breed in the early Spring and have been known to have as many as a dozen offspring that will survive each breeding cycle. Raccoons also reproduce in the early Spring, and although they will typically only have about 1-6 offspring, they can cause the most damage due since they are highly intelligent, can adapt quickly to circumstances where they must protect “their domain”, plus they can keep finding ways into your garbage even when you think you’ve blocked them out.

Snake Control

Although snakes can be beneficial in helping rid the area of rodents, we have customers that prefer to keep them as far away from their home as possible. Since it’s difficult to distinguish the difference between venomous and non-venomous snakes, it’s best that you contact the wildlife control experts at EcoTek to remove any snakes that you see that have taken up a permanent residence on your property.

Mole, Vole, Gopher and Woodchuck Control

woodchuckMoles, voles, and woodchucks (also known as groundhogs) will burrow on your property and quickly destroy your landscaping, your grass, and devour the crops in your garden if left unchecked. While moles and voles tend to be small and harmless toward humans, gophers and woodchucks can be very dangerous if threatened. Under no circumstances should anybody except a wildlife trapping expert consider trying to trap and remove a gopher or woodchuck. Doing so could result in injury from their large front incisors and extremely sharp claws.

Skunk Control

As everybody knows, a skunks number one defense is the extremely pungent odor it emits whenever it feels threatened, and should a skunk ever decide that the area under your house is their domain, then all it takes is for it to see you get close and your entire home and it’s contents will smell like a skunk. Removing skunks is a very delicate process where the EcoTek wildlife experts will lure them away from your home and property, and then exclude them from returning.

Deer and Rabbit Control

While rabbits and deer are relatively harmless creatures, they can however devour the crops of a garden in very short period of time. Preventing deer from invading your crops isn’t so much a matter of trapping and removing them more than it is a matter of preventing them from gaining access by using methods of exclusion. There are also times when deer will die on your property and the wildlife removal experts at EcoTek can remove them for you. Rabbits can however be trapped and removed from your property, but once this is accomplished it’s vital that methods of exclusion be done in order to prevent them from returning.

Humane Methods of Trapping

humane trapTrapping wildlife and removing them should always be done in the most humane way possible. This means we don’t use spring traps that can cause excruciating pain to the animals, nor do we set up a trap where an animal can die from starvation and lack of water. Every trap we set is checked on a daily basis. We are also aware that sometimes domestic animals can inadvertently wander into a trap, and we don’t want somebody’s pet to be left in a situation where they are separated from their home due to our work in trapping wildlife. We work to make sure we deal humanely with any animals that we trap on your property.

Bat and Bird Removal and Exclusion

Bats and birds will often take up residence in the attics of homes, and as a result the bird droppings and guano from bats can create extremely unpleasant orders throughout the house. Unlike most wildlife that requires trapping and removing the invaders, bats and birds are lured out of the home and then excluded from returning. Our professionals will make sure you no longer have an issue with bats and birds nesting inside your home. Once they have been removed, the cleanup process begins which can sometimes be quite extensive. Once this is complete you can rest easy that your family is safe from the disease they may carry.

Wildlife Cleanup, Repair and Prevention Services

The EcoTek wildlife control experts specialize in not only removing wildlife from your home and property, but also provide turnkey services that will remove all remnants of the animals we remove, and also repair the damage they inflict and lastly set up various types of wildlife exclusion to prevent them from returning.

Wildlife Cleanup

It’s extremely important to thoroughly remove all nests and droppings that are left whenever wildlife have been removed from areas of your house or business. Feces, hair, blood, and decayed carcasses can not only carry unpleasant odors that can permeate in and around you home and property, but they can also carry diseases that can spread rapidly.

Wildlife Damage Repair

Wildlife that invades your home and property can inflict damage by chewing through wood fencing, tear down ducts under your house, destroy insulation, chew electrical wiring and a host of other types of damage that we’ve encountered. EcoTek can perform expert damage repair any and every type of damage that comes from wildlife, and repair it for much less than you would pay an independent contractor to do the work.

Wildlife Exclusion Services

It’s important to remove the wildlife along with cleaning up and repairing the damage they cause, but the most vital part of what we provide comes from preventing wildlife from reentering your home and property by setting different types of wildlife exclusion barriers.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What are signs of a wildlife infestation?

    Signs of wildlife infestation include scratching sounds in your walls and ceiling. You may also see droppings in your house or begin to smell them if the infestation is large. You may notice holes around your foundation or up in your eaves.

    Where do they make their nests?

    Wildlife like squirrels, bats and raccoons may make their nests in your attic. If you have a crawlspace this is another likely place where they may make their home. Birds can make their nests in cracks in your eaves or in the vents that go into your bathroom or dryer.

    How often do you check the traps?

    We check the traps each day or every other day depending on the situation. Our traps are safe and will not harm the animal and we need to check often enough that the animal will not come to any harm while in the trap. If you have questions about the schedule, talk to the technician when he visits the home.

    Do you offer a catch and release option?

    We do have a catch and release program. In fact, all of our wildlife control is done as catch and release. After catching the animal, we will drive it a minimum of twenty-five miles from your home before we release it. This should prevent the animal from finding its way back to your home.

    What can I do to prevent wildlife from getting into my home?

    Most wild animals are opportunists. They will often come into your home looking for a safe warm place to stay, especially in the winter. It is important to make sure you have wire grating installed over any vents in your home. Make sure there are no cracks in the foundation and in the eaves.

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