Termite Control

EcoTek termite control solutions offer multiple options to arrive at the same destination: PROTECTING YOUR HOME!  We offer liquid barrier treatments, liquid non detectable solutions, chemical free solutions, and monitoring systems.  Whether you’re looking to correct a current termite issue or prevent future infestations to your investments, we’ve got it.  There are many options for treating termites and Eco Tek’s termite pest control team is sure to find one that fits your needs.

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We offer termite inspections and control in Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Morrisville and Raleigh.


Termite Control Durham

TermiteTEK HomeSafeGuard Termite Treatment Programs

Liquid treatment using Termidor SC, rated best liquid termiticide on the market 5 years running.  Our qualified technicians deliver termiticide to the top of your foundation to assure anything forging to the wood in your home won’t make it too far.

green Termite Pest Control Raleigh

TermiteTEK HomeGreenGuard Program

Green means completely chemical free in this program!  Our technicians install and monitor protected bait stations around your home to make sure termites aren’t forging towards your biggest investment.  If any station is found to have termite activity, Eco Tek is there to apply safe, protected, methods to eliminate foraging termites.



Wood Destroying Insect Reports, Inspections Services

Our WDIR 100 Reports offer you the most thorough inspection in the industry.  Let us inform you on the current condition of a property you are buying or selling as it pertains to wood destroying organisms.  Our inspections not only cover termites but also wood borers, powder post beetles, and carpenter bees (the most commonly missed infestation on properties bought and sold).

Commercial, Institutional and Multi Family

Realtor and Residential Builder Services



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TermiteTEK Termite Warranty and Renewal Programs

Any termite activity and/or damage that occurs after we treat your home or after we start monitoring your home with stations is our responsibility!  That means when you bring us in to protect your home it’s on us.  Any activity found or damage caused by termites that wasn’t’ there before we started protecting your house is solved by us on our dollar.

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