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Apex termite controlApex North Carolina was historically a very small town up until the 1980s, and soon it became an extremely popular bedroom community due to it’s convenient location to the ever growing area of Raleigh and the Research Triangle. The popularity of it’s location has meant a boon for community development throughout the area of Apex, and as a way to retain the small town charm, home builders have focused on developing communities using timber instead of stone, brick, or concrete. While the wooden homes have helped Apex to keep the continuity of it’s historic style, there is however the consideration that since Apex is heavily wooded, wood destroying organisms such as termites are a threat to these wooden structures.

Owning a wood style home (or business) in Apex can offer the beauty and history of the area, yet still be safe from the ever present threat of termites. Periodic checks of the property will insure that if termites are discovered, they can be quickly exterminated before they do too much damage. If however termites have already infested the structure and done significant damage, the experts at EcoTek can not only eliminate the termite infestation, but they can clean up all the remnants of the damaged property and repair everything back to it’s original condition.

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  • How to Determine if You Have Termites

    Quite a few homeowners just suppose they don’t have a termite problem until they discover a colony of termites beneath their house, within a room, or they see termite mud tubes similar to the picture below. By the time it’s noticed there are termites inside your home it’s far too late, and the termite infestation has already done thousands in structural damage to the home or business.

    • Discarded Wings
      When termites leave their nests to start a new colony they fly only a short distance, and then discard their wings close to an access point because they won’t use them again.
    • Mud Tubes
      Pencil sized tubes next to building access points. Break them in the middle to see if termites come out.
    • Wood Damage
      Usually below and behind surfaces . Damage shows up in long grooves.
    Wood Damage
    Wood Damage
    Termite Wings
    Termite Wings

    Mud Tubes

    Holding out until you believe that you’ve got termites is not recommended, especially when you consider you can get a free termite inspection done immediately that will provide you with a free estimate of costs, and if you don’t have termites, then you’ll be able to rest assured that your home is safe. The free estimate EcoTek will provide will not only cover the cost of eliminating the termites and the damage cleanup, but it will describe any costs you will need to consider for damage repairs. Even though the damage reconstruction is optional with us, you will discover we can perform the work for much less than if you retain an independent contractor to take care of them. Not only does EcoTek provide a turnkey termite control solution that includes the extermination procedure, the cleanup, and the damage repairs, but most of all we also provide a continuing service that guarantees you won’t ever again have to stress about termites.

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    Effective Termite Treatments

    EcoTek uses a liquid insecticide utilizing Termidor SC, which is graded as the best liquid termite treatment in the marketplace for 5 years running. Our professional termite exterminators deliver termite treatments to the top of your foundation to make sure anything eating in to the wood of your home won’t make it too far.The termites will carry the insecticide into the colony, which will then kill the queen and the entire colony.

    organic Termite Pest Control Apex

    Chemical Free Monitoring Systems

    Our termite control specialists install and monitor EcoTek Term-Pro monitors around your home to make sure termites aren’t eating up your most valuable investment. These monitors consist of wood and cardboard which naturally attracts termites. Our technicians can quickly identify If any bait station is found to have termite activity, EcoTek is there to apply safe, protected, solutions to exterminate the invasive termites.

    Wood Destroying Insect Reports and Free Inspection Services

    Our Free WDIR 100 reports give you the most detailed free termite inspections in the industry. The WDIR 100 report will offers you the current condition of a property you are buying or selling as it pertains to wood destroying organisms (also called WDOs). Our inspections not only cover termites but also wood borers, powder post beetles, and carpenter bees (the most commonly skipped infestation on properties bought and sold). This report can be used when buying or selling a home or when applying for a mortgage.
    Our free WDIR 100 termite inspection reports are not only available to homeowners, but we also provide this free service to:

    • Commercial properties
    • Institutional properties
    • Multi Family units
    • Realtors
    • Residential Builder Services

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    +Structural TermiteGuard Warranty and Renewal Program

    EcoTek provides a +Structural termite safeguard agreement that not only will exterminate termites from your home and prevent them from coming back, but will also protect your home against other pests as well. No matter whether it’s termites, roaches, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, ants or any other kind of insect that can be an unwanted guest in your home, EcoTek will eliminate them completely for a pest free environment! Our +Structural TermiteGuard warranty provides that when there is any insect activity and/or destruction that happens directly after we treat your home or directly after we start watching over your home with bait stations, it’s our responsibility, and is at our expense to not only take away the pests, but to provide the cleanup, decontamination, and fixing of your home at our expense!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How will termites affect my property value?

    Termites can cause your property’s value to decrease due to the damages that they cause. It can be expensive to complete the repairs, but once you do, you should see the value of your home return to normal. Many homes in the area deal with termites and continuing treatment and showing that you have completed the repairs make it possible for you to sell your home at current market rates.

    How can I prevent termites?

    There are steps you can take to prevent termites from entering your home.

    • Keep wood and mulch away from your foundation – Mulch and wood piles are both easy sources of food for termites and when they are against your foundation it gives termites easy access to crawl up and begin eating your home. Choose other types of mulch and consider moving woodpiles to other parts of the property.
    • Treat decking and other wood material in your yard – Make sure that you use treated wood when building your deck, fences or playgrounds in your yard. This will prevent termites from finding it and taking up residence in your yard or moving onto your home.
    • Keep your home in good condition – Missing shingles in your roof can give termites easy access to your home. If the gratings over access points or vents in your home are missing, it can make it easier for termites to invade your home. Make sure you address leaks as quickly as possible since termites are attracted to wet damp wood.

    What damage can termites do to my property?

    Termites will eat through the wood in the home. This can weaken the wood and floor joists. Depending on where the damage is, it can make your home unsafe. Some termites will also eat through casings surrounding electrical wiring which can create a fire hazard.

    How quickly can termites damage my property?/

    A termite colony will eat about a pound of wood a day. Although this may not sound like a lot, a termite colony can eat through an entire home in just two years. Another thing to consider is that you may have more than one colony of termites attacking your home at the same time. As soon as you spot termite activity, you should contact a professional to schedule an inspection.

    How long does a termite inspection take?

    A termite inspection will take between 30 to 60 minutes depending on the size of your home. Our technician will inspect your property for signs of termites as well as potential damage. If you are free from termites, he will let you know. If he does find termites, then he will explain your treatment options and a free quote. Each plan is dependent on the type of treatment that you need.


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    Didn’t even know we had termites until they came out to perform a free inspection and showed us where the termites had already been eating into the frame. Our expenses could have been much worse, but thanks to these guys we were able to catch it and have them take care of it.

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