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Cary signLocated just west of Raleigh and east of Apex: Cary, North Carolina has long been a major area of growth due to the convenience it has to the Research Triangle, RDU, and both businesses and shopping in Raleigh. Cary has several upscale neighborhoods where million dollar homes are not uncommon, such as MacGregor Downs, Preston, and Lochmere. Although quite a few homes in Cary are built using brick, the vast majority of the older homes in Cary were built using timber with wooden foundations. What most people don’t know is that even brick homes are susceptible to termites.

Many Cary homeowners that own brick homes or concrete homes automatically assume their house is impervious to termites since the exterior is not made of wood, but since the interior and framework is made of wood, once termites have accessed the home, then damage can occur that can run into thousands of dollars of repair costs. Wherever wood exists in a home, termites will eventually find it since it’s their primary source of food. There are however some precautions you can take to first see if your home already has termites, and how you can get rid of them if they have infested your home. The Cary EcoTek termite control team will not only exterminate the termites, but they can also clean up all their debris and repair termite damage done to your home.

How to Determine if You Have Termites

Quite a few homeowners simply expect they don’t have a termite issue until they discover a colony of termites under their house, within a room, or they see termite mud tubes similar to the image below. By the time it’s noticed there are termites in the house it’s far too late, and the termite infestation has already done thousands of dollars in structural damage to the house or business.

  • Discarded Wings
    When termites leave their nests to start a new colony they fly only a short distance, and then discard their wings close to an access point because they won’t use them again.
  • Mud Tubes
    Pencil sized tubes next to building access points. Break them in the middle to see if termites come out.
  • Wood Damage
    Usually below and behind surfaces . Damage shows up in long grooves.
Termite Wood Damage
Wood Damage
Termite Wings
Termite Wings

Mud Tubes

Waiting until you believe that you have termites is not recommended, especially when you take into account you can get a free of charge termite inspection performed right away that offers you a free estimate of costs, and if it’s determined you don’t have termites, then you can rest assured that your home is safe. The free estimate EcoTek will provide can not only cover the expense of exterminating the termites and the damage cleanup, but it will outline any costs you will need to consider for reconstruction repairs. Even though the damage repair is elective with us, you will discover we can perform the work for much less than if you work with an independent contractor to handle them. Not only does EcoTek provide a all-in-one termite control solution that includes the extermination procedure, the cleaning, and the damage repairs, but most of all we additionally provide an ongoing service that warranties you will never again have to be concerned about termites.

Termite Control Cary

Powerful Termite Treatments

EcoTek works with a liquid treatment using Termidor SC, which has been graded as the top liquid termite insecticide in the marketplace for 5 years running. Our team of termite exterminators deliver termite treatments to the peak of your foundation to make sure anything foraging in to the wood of your house won’t make it too far. The termites will carry the insecticide back to the colony which will help to kill the queen and solve the issue.

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Chemical Free Monitoring Stations

At EcoTek, we offer a chemical free monitoring system. Our termite control specialists set up and monitor EcoTek Term-Pro stations around your property to be sure termites aren’t eating into your most valuable investment. The stations are made of wood and cardboard which naturally attracts termites. If any bait station is found to show termite activity, EcoTek will be there to use safe, protected, solutions to kill the invasive termites.

Wood Destroying Insect Reports and Free Inspection Services

Our Free WDIR 100 reports provide you the most in depth free termite inspections on the market. The WDIR 100 report will offers you the current condition of a house you are selling or buying as it pertains to wood destroying organisms (also known as WDOs). Our inspections not only cover termites but also wood borers, powder post beetles, and carpenter bees (the mostly skipped infestation on properties bought and sold).
Our free WDIR 100 termite inspection reports are not only available to homeowners, but we also provide this free service to:

  • Commercial properties
  • Institutional properties
  • Multi Family units
  • Realtors
  • Residential Builder Services

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+Structural TermiteGuard Warranty and Renewal Program

EcoTek offers a +Structural termite safeguard agreement that not only will kill termites from your home and stop them from returning, but will also protect your home against other types of pests as well. Whether or not it’s termites, roaches, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, ants or any other type of insect that can be an unwanted guest in your home, we will exterminate them completely for a pest free environment! Our +Structural TermiteGuard guarantee provides that when there is any termite activity and/or damage that occurs after we perform a treatment on your house or directly after we start monitoring your house with bait stations, it’s our responsibility, and is at our expense to not only take away the pests, but to provide the cleaning, decontamination, and repairs at our expense!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I have a new home. Do I need to worry about termite inspections?

    We recommend having termite inspection every year. This will allow you to catch any termite infestations more quickly. Termites do not care about the age of your home. The spring is a good time to schedule an inspection.

    Will my home value drop if we find termites?

    Your home’s value will drop if you have an active termite infestation and damage from termites. You will not be able to sell your home until you address the issue and the sooner termite damage is found, the less you will need to pay in repairs. After the repairs are completed, your home’s value should return to what it was before.

    I’m worried about children’s safety. Can they be home during treatment?

    It is safe for your children to be home during a treatment. Our safety is important to you, which is why we chose Termidor SC, which is not only effective, but also very safe. Our technicians are trained on the proper way to complete the treatment to keep your family safe.

    Should I plan on being home during an inspection?

    You will need to be home during each treatment. The treatments will take between 30 to 60 minutes. You need to be home to be sure that the technician has access to your attic, crawlspace and other areas of your home that may show termite activity.

    Is my home still safe after termites have done damage?

    Termites can make your home unsafe, but it will depend on where the damage was done. For example, termites can seriously weaken the floor joists or they can chew through the casing around your wiring which is unsafe. A thorough inspection can determine how safe your home is.

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