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Roxboro NCRoxboro, North Carolina is a small town located about thirty miles north of Durham. It is the county seat of Person County and the only municipality in the entire county. This small town of 8,304 has a lot to offer its residents. Roxboro hosts two blue grass festivals each year, as well as a number of other festivals throughout the year. The city is home to the Person County Museum. It also has an active arts council and a regional theater that puts on several plays each year. Roxboro offers the benefits of small town living without being too far from the Triangle area.

Roxboro offers a variety of outdoor activities that people can do each year. There are nine parks in the area as well as two lakes and nature trail. The temperate subtropical climate means that the winters are mild, while the summers can be hot. This is a great place to call home, but it is also an environment that is welcoming to insects and other pests. If you are having issues with eliminating cockroaches, ants, rodents or wildlife, the experts at EcoTek Termite and Pest Control can help you protect your home and family.

The pest control professionals of EcoTek have been helping customers in Roxboro since 2011, and our technicians are trained to identify any pests and determine the best course of treatment so that you can enjoy your home and yard without worrying about the complications that pets can cause. Contact EcoTek today.

Ant Control

ant There are a variety of ants that can plague homeowners in Roxboro. Fire ants are a growing problem in the area. Fire ant bites can sting and cause serious allergic reactions in some people. Household ants are a nuisance when they come into your home looking for water and food. Carpenter ants can actually do the same damage to your home as termites. It can be difficult to treat ants because to stop them from returning, you need to kill the queen.

If your attempts at killing ants on your own have been less than successful, contact EcoTek today. Our technicians can perform a free ant inspection and determine the type of ants you have and create an ant control treatment plan customized for your solution. After a treatment, you will no longer need to worry about ants in your home or around your property.

Termite Control

termite mud tubesTermites can seriously damage your home as they chew threw the floor joists or other supporting structures. A termite colony can eat through a pound of wood a day, and in just two years can completely eat through a home. The expense of termite damage repairs can cost thousands of dollars. Many people do not realize they have termites until the damage has already been done.

It is important to have your home inspected for termites each year. You can also watch for signs of termites including mud tubes along the foundation or damaged wood inside of your home. The experts at EcoTek will perform a free termite inspection. If you have no termites, you can stop worrying. If you do have termites, you will be provided with a free estimate and suggested termite treatment plan as well as a list of repairs that will need to be made.

Bed Bug Control

bed bugsBed bugs will often bite multiple times during a feeding leaving a row of small itchy bites. They can also cause a serious allergic reaction in some people. While bed bugs are not known transmitters or diseases, they can keep people awake at night as they worry about being bitten in your sleep. If you notice bloodstains on your sheets or black or rust colored droppings in your bedding or on your mattress, you likely have bed bugs.

Bed bugs are not a result of poor housekeeping. Most people will accidentally bring them home with them after a hotel stay. Bed bugs are nocturnal and they are very small. It can be difficult to see the bed bugs themselves, and even more difficult to treat them on your own since they hide in very small cracks. If you think you may have bed bugs, contact EcoTek for a free bed bug inspection today. Our bed bug exterminators are trained to find all the places and to treat them so you no longer need to worry about being bitten in your sleep.

Cockroach Control

cockroachTurning on a light and seeing a cockroach scurry to safety in the middle of the night can be an alarming sight. Cockroaches are one of the common pests that we are called on to treat. They carry bacteria on their bodies which they deposit on the dishes as they crawl over them or through your food. Cockroaches can make you sick with illnesses like salmonellosis. They can also aggravate people who have allergies or asthma. Signs of a cockroach infestation include seeing their egg casings, a strong odor and droppings that look like pepper flakes along the edges of your countertop.

Each type of cockroach requires a slightly different treatment. In Roxboro there are three common types including German, Oriental and American cockroaches. The cockroach control technicians at EcoTek can identify the type of roaches and determine a treatment plan that will flush the roaches out of their hiding places and eliminate the roaches once and for all. Contact EcoTek to set up your free cockroach inspection today.

Flea and Tick Control

tickFleas and ticks are often associated with pets. They will often come into your home on your pet. However, you may end up with a flea problem if you visit a place that is battling a flea infestation. Signs of fleas include bites on your ankles, and signs that your pet does not feel well or that your pet is scratching more often than usual. An inspection of your pet with a flea comb can help you determine if it has fleas. While you need to treat your pet for fleas, you will also need to treat your home because fleas can live in your carpet and on your furniture.

Ticks can also cause issues since they spread a number of serious illnesses including Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. These illnesses can become quite serious if not treated by doctor. You should check yourself and your pets for ticks regularly. If you suspect that you have flea or tick problem, the flea and tick control technicians at EcoTek can perform a free flea and tick inspection. In addition to treating your home and property for fleas and ticks, our experts can also treat your yard to prevent future issues.

Rodent Control

mouseMice and rats can quickly invade your home and start an infestation. These pests are particularly dangerous for your family as they carry a number of serious illnesses including hantavirus. They spread this as they leave trails of urine and feces as they wander through your home. They can also damage your home as they chew through walls, wiring and insulation. The damage that they do to your home can be expensive to repair.

Trapping rodents on your own can be risky because you may end up being scratched or bitten. At EcoTek, we offer a turnkey rodent removal solution that will not only cover trapping and removing the rodents, but will also help with cleanup and decontamination. As part of the service, we will also install exclusion barriers to stop them from getting in your home. Stop worrying about the rodents that have invaded your home and contact EcoTek to schedule your free rodent inspection today.

Wildlife Removal

wildlifeRoxboro is a setting where wildlife may wander into your yard. The real issue is when they decide to build their nests in your home. You may be struggling with birds or bats in your attic leaving behind droppings and guano that can spread diseases and smell. Or you may have an issue with a raccoon in your crawlspace that is tearing up the venting and insulation. All of these animals can spread disease and may possibly become aggressive to you or your family members.

If you find wildlife on your property, you need to act quickly to address the issue. EcoTek has wildlife control experts who can set up humane traps that will not harm the animals. The traps will be checked regularly and once the animals are caught, we will drive them over twenty-five miles away before we release the m into the wild. We can also install pest exclusion barriers in your home to help stop other animals from finding their way inside. Contact EcoTek to set up your free wildlife inspection.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to be at home during treatments?

    You do not need to be home during treatments. You will need to give the technician access to your home. If you are not home during the treatment, the technician will leave a note stating the type of treatment and the time that it was applied.

    How long should I plan on a treatment taking?

    Initial appointments are usually thirty minutes. Treatments after that take about twenty minutes, but if you have a large home, the appointment may take longer. Bed bug treatments take about an hour per room. The termite treatments may take longer too.

    Do I have choices between treatments?

    We offer both organic and conventional treatment options. Both options are very effective and safe for your family. We only offer conventional termite treatments, but these are safe and one of the most effective treatments that can also prevent termites for up to then years.

    How do I tell the difference between bed bugs and fleas?

    Bed bug bites tend to appear in the morning. The bites will usually be in a line since bed bugs will feed multiple times in a sitting. Flea bites tend to appear around your ankles. They will not be in a straight line and can appear throughout the day.

    How do you treat fire ants?

    Fire ants are tricky to treat because of the extensive tunneling systems that they build. They will retreat into the tunnels when a treatment is applied. We carefully treat the mounds and the tunneling systems to remove the fire ants from your yard.

    Do you have pest control treatment plans?

    We offer a conventional plan, an organic plan and a plan that includes termite coverage. Each plan comes with quarterly insect inspections, as well as regular treatments to keep your home free of pests.

    Can you come treat my home today?

    We offer same-day service if you call in the morning. If you call in the afternoon, we can send someone out the next day. If you need to schedule an appointment for a future date that option is still available.

    How do you remove birds from my attic?

    We work to help the birds exit your attic on their own, and then we will install exclusion barriers to stop them from coming in again. We do not use traps on birds or bats.

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