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PittsboroPittsboro, North Carolina is a community that is just south of the Triangle area. Located in Chatham county, Pittsboro is beginning to undergo a population growth as more areas are being developed. Currently the population is 4,063. Many people will live in Pittsboro and commute into Chapel Hill and other parts of the Triangle. Pittsboro boasts several artists workshops and is also a farming community. The city itself has several fine dining restaurants and a farmer’s market every Saturday in the spring and summer. One of the benefits of living in Pittsboro is the easy access to the nearby Jordan Lake.

Pittsboro is a great community with affordable housing. Many people are moving there to take advantage of the quieter way of life while still being able to work in the Triangle. The climate is subtropical humid with mild winters and the ability to enjoy time outside for the majority of the year. Unfortunately, the favorable climate is also favorable to a number of different pests. The experts at EcoTek Termite and Pest Control can help protect your home from any invading pests including cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, fleas and ticks, rodents and any wildlife that may wander onto your property. We have been helping people in the area since 2011.

Take time to protect your home and your family from the insects and animals that may harm them. Our expert pest control technicians provide a variety of services and can effectively eliminate the pests around your property. Stop worrying about invading pests and contact EcoTek today.

Ant Control

ant Ants are a common household pest for Pittsboro residents. Fire ants are a growing problem in the area. Fire ants can build their colonies in your yard. They may have multiple mounds and they will have an extensive tunneling system which can make them particularly difficult to treat. Carpenter ants also pose a serious issue since they can damage your home in the same way that termites can. Household ants are very common as they send the workers into your kitchen looking for food and water.

Ants can be difficult to treat because you must kill the queen to stop ants from coming back. Baits that you buy at the store may temporarily solve the problem, but they can keep coming back. The ant control experts at EcoTek can identify the types of ants you have and treat them so that they will stop coming back. Stop worrying about ants invading your home. Schedule your free ant inspection today.

Termite Control

mud tubesTermites are known for the extensive damage that they can cause your home. Termites tend to swarm and move colonies in the spring, so it is important to keep an eye out for signs of termites during that time. These include seeing piles of discarded wings around your property as well as mud tubes that go up the side of your foundation. Most people do not see the termites inside of the home, since they do most of their damage in areas that you do not usually see. They can damage your floor joists and walls and cause serious structural damage to your home.

If you think you have termites, you need to act quickly to stop any further damage and to protect your home. The experts at EcoTek offer free inspections. If you do not have termites, you can rest easy. If termites are found, the technician will give you a written estimate and treatment plan. You will also receive a list of needed termite damage repairs. You can opt to have our team complete the repairs for you, at prices that are lower than what you could get from an independent contractor. Learn more about our termite extermination services, or contact EcoTek and set up your free termite inspection today.

Bed Bug Control

bed bugsBed bugs are a growing problem across the United States. Most people pick them up when they are on a business trip or a vacation. The bed bugs will catch a ride home in the luggage and quickly set up shop. Bed bugs do not spread diseases but they can cause itchy bites and cause a serious allergic reaction in some people. Signs of bed bugs include rows of small itchy bites, droppings in the bedding and on the mattress as well as bloodstains on the sheets.

Many people do not see bed bugs because they are nocturnal and very small. They hide in cracks that are barely visible. Treating them on your own can be difficult because the treatment needs to be applied directly to the bugs themselves. Stop your sleepless nights and contact the bed bug control professionals at EcoTek to schedule a free bed bug inspection today. Our technicians can exterminate the bed bugs in your home and let you enjoy a good night’s rest again.

Cockroach Control

cockroachFinding a cockroach in your kitchen or your bathroom can be a disturbing sight, especially since many people associate roaches with filth. Cockroaches can wander into your home or they may be brought in inside of shopping bags or packages. Once there they quickly set up an infestation since roaches can lay up to forty eggs at a time. Signs of cockroaches include seeing the droppings that look similar to pepper flakes, egg cases and seeing the roaches themselves. A serious infestation may also have a distinct odor.

Another issue with roaches is that they carry bacteria that they spread as they crawl in your food and on your dishes. This can cause your family to become quite sick. Roach motels and sprays are not the best way to get rid of cockroaches. The cockroach control experts at EcoTek can flush the roaches out of their nests and treat your home so that you do not need to worry about roaches again. Contact EcoTek to set up your free cockroach inspection today.

Flea and Tick Control

tickFleas and ticks are a common problem for pet owners, but you may face this issue even if you do not have pets. Fleas can come in on a pet or person and set up shop. Fleas can lay up to fifty eggs a day and they will fall off into your carpet. If you find fleas on your pet, you will need to treat your home as well as your pet. Flea powders can be messy and time-consuming. The quickest way to deal with the infestation is to call the flea and tick control professionals at EcoTek.

Fleas can make your pets miserable and even anemic. They can also spread illnesses like cat scratch fever and tapeworms. Ticks can make both you and your pets sick with illnesses like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. If the ticks come into your home, they will wander around looking for another host to attach to. EcoTek can treat both your home and your yard for fleas and ticks. Contact EcoTek to set up a free flea and tick inspection today.

Rodent Control

mouseRodents are many people’s worst nightmare. Signs of rodents include hearing scratching in the walls especially at night, as well as seeing droppings around your home. Rodents carry a number of serious diseases including hantavirus that can make people quite sick. They can also wreak havoc on your home as they chew through your walls and wiring as they build their nests and create paths through your home. You do not want to wait to take care of a rodent problem, because it can quickly become an infestation.

The experts at EcoTek can help you deal with any rats or mice that find their way into your home. Our rodent control technicians can perform a free rodent inspection. If rodents are found, they can set traps and then help with decontamination and cleanup. Finally, they will install exclusion barriers that will prevent rodents from finding their way into your home again. Contact EcoTek today and stop worrying about rodents invading your home.

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

wildlifeThe rural area surrounding Pittsboro means that there are a wide variety of wildlife that can find its way onto your property. Whether you are worried about raccoons or squirrels or bats and birds in your attic, our wildlife control experts can help protect you and your family from the diseases that these animals can spread when they build their nests in your home. Raccoons can even become aggressive towards your children or family pet and cause even more issues as they dig through trash or tear apart ductwork in your crawlspace.

Our wildlife experts will set humane traps and check them regularly. Once we catch an animal we will drive it over twenty-five miles away before releasing it into the wild. Our traps are safe and humane and will not hurt an animal, which is important since a pet may accidentally wander in. Once we have trapped the animal, we will install pest exclusion barriers to stop any new animals from finding their way back into your home. Call to schedule your free wildlife inspection today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can termites affect my property value?

    If termites are active in your home, it can negatively affect your property value. Once you treat for termites and make the repairs, your home will return to its previous value. You will need to keep documentation of the work that was completed.

    Do I need to prepare for a bed bug treatment?

    You will need to wash the bedding in the room in hot water and dry it on high heat to kill any bed bugs. You will also need to clean the clutter in your room so that the technician can find all the spots the bugs may be hiding.

    Can I prevent cockroaches?

    The best way to prevent cockroaches is to seal up any cracks that may in your home. Look around the windows and doors especially Fixing leaking pipes and keeping home clean and free of clutter can also help.

    Is it safe to have my kids at home during treatment?

    The treatments that we use are safer than the ones that you can buy at the store. It is completely safe for you and your children to be home when a treatment is applied in your home. Treatments usually take about twenty minutes to complete.

    How long do treatments take?

    Most treatments take about twenty minutes. An inspection and treatment will take about 30 minutes. If you have a large home, it may take longer. Termite and bed bug treatments will take longer. You can receive a time estimate based on your square footage when you schedule your appointment.

    Do you offer organic treatments?

    We have both conventional and organic treatment options for most of our pest control treatments. The termite treatments are only available as a conventional treatment. This is applied to the exterior of your home along your foundation and it is a safe treatment option.

    What happens at my first appointment?

    The technician will perform an inspection and determine the type of pests that you are dealing with. They will create a customized treatment plan and give you a written estimate. You can choose to have treatment completed the same day.

    Are pest control treatment plans available?

    We offer three different plans that you can sign up for. Each plan includes regular treatments and quarterly inspections of your home. We offer a conventional treatment plan, an organic treatment plan and a plan that includes termite treatment and protection.

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