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MorrisvilleMorrisville originally got its name in 1852 from Jeremiah Morris who donated the land to the North Carolina Railroad. Due to the rail line that was developed thanks to the donation from Jeremiah Morris, this town served as a major intersection for transporting goods and people during the 1800s since it intersected Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Hillsborough. Due to its strategic location, Morrisville was where “The Battle of Morrisville” was fought at Morrisville Station.

Morrisville has grown considerably since it’s roots in the 1800s, and now has a population of 24,732 as of 2016. It has become a desirable location for homeowners thanks to it’s convenient location within the Research Triangle, and is showing rapid growth as more and more areas of land are cleared to make way for new communities. As these communities emerge, wildlife and insects native to the area find refuge within the homes and businesses in Morrisville, so there is an ever increasing need for pest control services that can not only eliminate insects, but also trap and remove wildlife, and prevent further infestation or wildlife intrusion through pest exclusion services offered by EcoTek.

EcoTek Termite and Pest Control has been providing quality service since 2011. We can help protect your home, your family and your pets from pests that might invade your property. Contact us for a free pest control inspection and estimate.

Ant Control

antMost homeowners in the Morrisville area have called EcoTek to get help with exterminating common household ants that have been known to infest food in pantries and areas that are moist and prone to moisture, but there are extensive locations around Morrisville that are intensely wooded where carpenter ants will enter in a home, and even though they don’t really consume wood, they actually tunnel through it and make it weak which can result in quick deterioration of the wood. The damage that carpenter ants do is similar to that of termites.

There has also been an intrusion of fire ants that have become extremely common throughout many Morrisville communities. Fire ants have a tendency to prefer wide open places where they can get strong sunlight, and fire ant colonies can easily cover an open area, rendering it difficult for your family and pets to enjoy activities around your property. In order to completely eliminate ants you need to kill the queen, which can be difficult to do. It is best to turn to a professional to take care of your ants for you. Call our ant control exterminators today for a free inspection and estimate.

Termite Control

termite mud tubesTermites have been known to cause thousands of dollars in damage to a home or business in just a short amount of time. The termites will eat the wood in your home and can cause structural issues that need to repaired. Some termites will also chew through electrical wiring and cause a possible fire hazard in your home. Even homes with a brick exterior are at risk of a termite invasion. It is important to keep an eye out for signs of termites so that you can stop them before they cause serious damage.

If you eventually see mud tubes like what’s in the picture to the right, then it’s quite probable you might have termites. Other indicators of termites include stained drywall or small openings in the drywall, wood that sounds hollow when you tap on it, wood floors that are extremely squeaky or are displaying indicators of buckling, piles of termite pellets that look like salt and pepper and/or small debris of wings. You may discover many other indicators that can signify you have termites, however the absolute best way to ascertain whether or not you have termites is to call the termite exterminators at EcoTek for a free termite inspection that will also include a free estimate of what how much it costs to remove the termites and repair termite damages.

Bed Bug Control

bed bugsThere’s absolutely nothing worse than getting up after a night of tossing and turning and feeling like something is biting you, and then you realize you have a bed bug infestation. Signs of bed bugs include small bites in a straight line, blood on your sheets, as well as black droppings in your bedding. You may be able to see eggs near the bed bugs’ nest. Bed bugs may nest in your headboard, in the baseboards near your bed or in your mattress. They can be difficult to spot since they can go up to 30 days without feeding. However, they are visible to the naked eye if you know what to look for.

A lot of people feel that bed bugs are the result of poor cleaning, but in reality they get into your home or business by attaching to your clothing from trips to hotels, motels, stores, and even from a health club locker. Removing bed bug infestations are not simply limited to your pillows and comforters since bed bugs can also survive and reproduce within furniture such as couches and seats. EcoTek offers bed bug treatments that use a chemical solution. Call our bed bug control technicians today for a free bed bug inspection and free estimate.

Cockroach Control

cockroachOf all the pests that EcoTek deals with, it’s cockroaches that our customers hate the most. Roaches can infest your food, crawl around on your cookware and the plates you dine on, and they will breed and leave eggs and droppings throughout your kitchen. Some roaches such as the Palmetto bug can get as large as 1 1/2 inches long, and can fly through your home infesting locations around your sinks, tubs, and even your laundry room since they seek out moisture.

Cockroaches breed rapidly and just one or two can quickly become thousands. It can be difficult to kill all of the roaches because their nests are difficult to find. It is important to kill both the adult roaches and the larvae to stop the infestation completely. In store solutions rarely address the entire problem. Our roach exterminators know just how to eliminate any type of cockroach infestation, and can also help clean up the waste materials they leave behind. Call the EcoTek cockroach control experts today for a free of charge roach inspection and free estimate.

Flea and Tick Control

tickAlthough most people associate flea and tick extermination only to people who’ve got pets, it’s actually quite common for individuals to see flea and tick infestations without even possessing a dog or cat. Ticks and fleas can easily connect themselves to children and parents as they spend quality time around their back yard, and then carry them back inside where they can live and multiply. Although fleas are definitely an annoyance from your frequent need to scratch as they attack you, ticks on the other hand are extremely harmful since they are known carriers of diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and Lyme disease.

While you may be tempted to address the problem on your own with flea powders or outdoor sprays, the most effective way to treat the problem is to call the professionals. At EcoTek, we can eliminate fleas and ticks while keeping you, your family and pets safe. At even the first signal of any flea or tick infestation, it’s recommended that you contact the flea and tick control experts at EcoTek for a free flea and tick inspection and free estimate.

Rodent Control

mouseAt EcoTek, we’ve been helping property owners and businesses exterminate mice, rats and other rodents since 2011. It’s a known fact that rats and mice can cause more damage to our homes or businesses than most other mammals on earth. They ruin food, pass salmonella, Hantavirus and 17 other diseases – many that are dangerous. They are able to even chew up electrical wiring, causing extensive damage costing thousand of dollars in repairs to your home. When you consider that a single couple of mice can breed and multiply to 20 or even more in only a couple of months, then it’s not hard to imagine the level of infestation that may appear within your home or business.

The pest control team at EcoTek are experts at not only exterminating rodents such as rats, mice and squirrels that can easily make your house be their own habitat, but they have a turnkey rodent control solution that can also aid in the decontamination procedure for cleaning up the nesting, feces, hair and blood they leave behind after they’ve been eliminated. Once your home or business has been cleared from all traces of the infestation, EcoTek begins with the repairs for the destruction they’ve created, and last but not least builds pest exclusion barriers to prevent them from returning. Getting a free estimate and a free in-home consultation is only a call away, so contact EcoTek immediately and ask about our turnkey rodent extermination program!

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

wildlifeDamage to your home and personal property can be significant if you are sharing your home with wildlife. No one needs a squirrel or bat to move into their attic, however when it happens, the costs can be extremely expensive. Besides, bats and squirrels, there are a variety of wild animals that can damage your property, such as raccoons, woodchucks, skunks, gophers, bears, birds, rabbits, and deer, just to name a few. Not only can these animals damage your property, they may also carry diseases that can put your family members and pets at risk. Even trapping the animals your self can put you at risk of contracting the illness.

The EcoTek wildlife control team are experts at trapping and eliminating just about any type of wildlife that has invaded your premises, and besides eliminating live animals, we can also remove dead carcasses. EcoTek can make sure all remains of the animal are removed, and will not only provide repairs to any and all damage that the wild animal incurred, but we can provide barriers for exclusion to stop them from coming back. Our turnkey wildlife solution is one of the best in the area. Feel free to call us today for a free assessment and free estimate!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What damage can termites do to my home?

    Termites can cause structural damage to your home. A colony can eat a pound of wood a day, and many homes have more than one colony. Some termites will also eat through electrical wiring which can cause a fire hazard. It is important to repair any damage caused by termites after you treat for them.

    What will I need to do before a bed bug treatment?

    You will need to wash your bedding in hot water and dry it on high heat. You will also need to clear your bedroom of any clutter so that our technician can properly apply the bed bug treatment. The technician will need to be able to reach any cracks where the bed bugs may be hiding.

    How can I prevent cockroaches?

    Cockroaches enter your home looking for food and water. Fixing any leaking pipes will also help to eliminate number of cockroaches. Cutting back branches that are hanging over your roof and sealing cracks around your doors and windows can also make it more difficult for roaches to get in.

    Can my children be home during a treatment?

    Our treatments and you and your children can be home during the treatment. However, we do ask that you remove your pets during the treatment and for four hours after the treatment is completed. Once this time has elapsed it is safe for your pets to be at your home.

    How long will an appointment take?

    Your initial appointment will take about 30 minutes. This includes the inspection and first treatment. The average time for appointments is twenty minutes. If you have a large home, the appointments may take longer. Your technician should be able to tell you the time for each appointment after the inspection.

    What types of treatments do you offer?

    We offer an effective conventional treatment. This treatment is safe for your family. We also offer an organic treatment option that is also very effective. You can talk to your technician about the options that will work best for your situation and family.

    What should I expect at my first appointment?

    At your first appointment, our technician will perform a free inspection and give you a written estimate. They can perform the treatment that same day if you decide to move forward with it. The initial appointment including inspection and treatment usually takes about 30 minutes.

    Do you have pest control plans?

    We do offer several pest control plans that include quarterly inspections and barrier treatments around your home to keep insects out. Our treatment plans include both conventional and organic options, as well as option that covers termite treatment.

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