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Hillsborough NCHillsborough, North Carolina is located on the western side of the Triangle. It is a small community with just 6,388 residents. It is a community with a rich history and a historic downtown district. Hillsborough has a variety of historic sites that are open to tours as well as a river walk along the Eno River. Hillsborough is well-known for drawing in artists. It has four different art galleries within the city limits and an active cultural community that includes a concert series and craft fair, there is a lot that this community offers. Hillsborough is party of the Orange County school system.

Hillsborough is an appealing community for people who are looking to live in a small-town setting that is surrounded by the country by within easy commuting distance of both Chapel Hill and Durham. The area is full of undeveloped areas and the nearby Eno River along with the subtropical humid climate lends itself to being the perfect breeding ground for a number of different pests. Fortunately, the experts at EcoTek Termite and Pest Control can help keep your family and home safe from the dangers of these pests. EcoTek can help with a number of pests including eliminating cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, fleas, termites, rodents and other wildlife.

Stop worrying about pests invading your home. EcoTek has been providing effective and affordable pest control to Hillsborough since 2011 and can help you with all of your pest control needs. Keep your home safe, contact EcoTek today.

Ant Control

antAnts are a common household pest that many people in North Carolina have to deal with. There are three common types of ants that may plague your home. Fire ants build their colonies outside, but they will bite you and your pets. Carpenter ants can cause damage that is similar to termites since they build their homes in the wood structures of your house. Household ants will build their homes outside and send workers in looking for food and water.

Each type of ant needs a different treatment method. Treating ants on your own may get rid of them for a bit but they will keep coming back unless you kill the queen and eliminate the entire colony. The ant control experts at EcoTek can give identify the ants and determine the best ant treatment for your situation. They can eliminate the ants once and for all and stop them from coming back. They will use a combination of baits and pesticide to kill the queen and the rest of the colony. Contact EcoTek to schedule your free ant inspection today.

Termite Control

termite mud tubesTermites can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home in relatively short period of time. Termites can be difficult to find since they do the majority of their damage inside of the walls of your home where you cannot see them. There are signs that you can watch out for including mud tubes along your foundation walls or long grooves in the wood.

If you think that you have termites, you need to take action right away. Termites can eat through a pound of wood a day and can destroy your entire home in just two years. EcoTek offers free termites inspections. The technician can give you a written estimate and treatment plan as well as a list of repairs that need to be done. While having us complete the termite damage repairs is optional, we offer a termite treatment plan rate that is less than what you would pay an independent contractor. Stop worrying about termites and contact EcoTek today.

Bed Bug Control

bed bugsBed bugs are very small insects that will make their home in your bed, box springs and behind your headboard. They feed at night and will crawl out while you are sleeping. Bed bugs can go up to a month without feeding, so they can establish a colony before you realize that you have a problem. While bed bugs do not spread diseases, they can cause serious allergic reactions in some people. Bed bug infestations are often the result of bringing them home with you after a hotel stay.

Signs of a bed bug infestation include rows of small itchy bites, bloodstains on your sheets and droppings in the bedding and mattress. Bed bugs are hard to treat because the pesticide needs to be applied to the bugs directly. They will hide in very small cracks and are difficult to find. Fortunately, the bed bug control experts at EcoTek can find the bed bugs and apply treatment to them directly. Call EcoTek today to schedule your free bed bug inspection.

Cockroach Control

cockroachCockroaches reproduce rapidly. They will wander into your home and one or two can quickly turn into an infestation. Signs of a cockroach infestation include seeing the cockroaches, seeing droppings which look like black pepper flakes, and egg casings around your home. A serious infestation also has a strong odor. Cockroaches spread diseases as they crawl over dishes and through your food. They can also cause breathing issues with people who have issues with asthma and allergies.

There are three different types of cockroaches: German, Oriental and American. Each type of cockroach takes a different treatment strategy. The experts at EcoTek can identify the types of cockroaches in your home, and effectively eliminate all cockroaches that are found. Stop worrying about cockroaches invading your home, contact EcoTek to schedule your free cockroach inspection today. Affordable and effective cockroach control is only a phone call away!

Flea and Tick Control Control

tickFleas and ticks can pose a problem if you have pets, but they can also cause issues even if you do not. Fleas can spread a number of diseases including tapeworms and cat scratch fever. A bad infestation can cause your pet to become anemic and be miserable. Ticks also carry serious diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Flea eggs will not stay on your pets, instead they will fall into your carpet. If you do not treat your home for fleas, then your pet can become reinfected again in a few weeks

Signs of a flea infestation include finding flea bites around your ankles or seeing them on your pets. Treating with flea powders can be time consuming and messy. The flea and tick control team at EcoTek can treat your home and stop the infestation from returning. They can also treat your yard to prevent your pets from picking them up while they are outside. Contact EcoTek for a free flea and tick inspection.

Rodent Control

mouseMice and rats are something that no homeowner wants to find in their homes. These rodents can chew threw walls, wires and insulation wreaking havoc on your home and creating fire hazards. They can also bring the increased chance of your family contracting a serious illness like hantavirus as they get in your food and leave trails of feces and urine throughout your home. Rodents reproduce rapidly and it does not take long for them to start a serious infestation.

Trapping the rodents on your own can be dangerous. EcoTek offers a turnkey rodent control solution that includes trapping and removing rodents found in your home. After that the technicians can help with decontamination and cleanup of the nesting area as well as install pest exclusion barriers around your home to stop new rodents from coming in. Our technicians can help you deal with your rodent problem quickly. Contact EcoTek to schedule a free rodent inspection today.

Wildlife Control and Removal

types of wildlifeWith Hillsborough being surrounded by farms and near a river, there are a number of different wild animals that may wander through your yard and attempt to make it their home. While some are harmless as long as they stay outside, such as squirrels or birds, they can cause serious issues if they try to build a nest inside of your home. Some like raccoons or foxes may pose a threat to your children or your pets if they build their nests in your yard.

Catching wildlife on your own can be dangerous since they may bite or scratch you and spread disease. It is important to call the wildlife control experts at EcoTek. We use humane traps to catch the animals and then release them at least twenty-five miles away from your home to prevent them from returning. In addition, our technicians can install exclusion barriers to keep the animals from returning to your property in the future. Contact EcoTek to set up a free wildlife inspection and consultation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does a treatment take?

    Most treatment will last about thirty minutes. If you have a larger property it may take longer. Some treatments like termite and bed bug treatments will take longer because of the work involved. You can get an estimate based on your square footage when you schedule an appointment.

    Can I get organic treatments?

    We offer both conventional and organic treatment options for the majority of pest control services. The termite treatments are only available as conventional treatments, but we offer chemical free monitoring stations. Our technician can help you determine the best treatment option for your situation.

    Are pest control plans available?

    At EcoTek, we offer three different treatment plans. Our first plan covers conventional treatments. The second plan covers organic treatments. Our third plan also includes termite control and monitoring treatments.

    Are the treatments safe for my family?

    We carefully choose the products that we use and we choose products that are the safest on the market. These treatments are safer than the products that you can buy at the store. Your family and children can be home during the treatment.

    How can I tell if I have fire ants?

    Fire ant mounds are large and can be up to eighteen inches across and twelve inches high. They will not have holes in the tops of the mounds, but along the sides. You will see the fire ants which are reddish brown and quite large.

    What can I do to avoid getting cockroaches?

    Cockroaches will come in through the smallest cracks. Sealing the cracks around your windows and under your doors can help. Keeping your home free from clutter can also help. Doing the dishes after each meal and taking out the trash each night can also help.

    How can I tell that I have wildlife around my home?

    If they are in your home, you may hear noises in your attics and walls, especially at night. You may also see trash strewn around your yard or notice the droppings around your yard or in your home. You can look in your attic or crawlspace to look for signs there.

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