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Fuquay-Varina NCFuquay-Varina is in southern Wake county, and is about twenty five minutes south of Raleigh. It started out as two different towns, Fuquay Springs and Varina that grew large due to the tobacco industry. They merged to form one town in the 1960s. In the last twenty years the town has more than doubled in size bringing the population up to 22,644 as more people are living there and commuting to work in Raleigh or the Research Triangle Park. Fuquay-Varina offers the benefits of living in a small town and has a number of public parks and areas that are still not developed. Fuquay-Varina has moderate temperatures through the majority of the year with mild winters and nice spring and fall weather, and even though the weather is a major draw for those that move to the area, it is also favorable to a large number of insects that call North Carolina home. The experts at EcoTek Termite and Pest Control can help with all your pest control needs including exterminating termites, roaches, ants, bed bugs and rodents. Our experts have been providing quality pest control services to the Triangle since 2011.

If you are worried about different pests, contact EcoTek to schedule a free inspection today. We offer both conventional and organic treatment options and will keep your home pest free. Learn how we can help you today.

Ant Control

ant There are three different types of ants that may plague your property. Household ants are the type you may see in your kitchen. These ants will build their colony outside and send workers in to find food and water. Carpenter ants can cause damage similar to termites since they will build their colonies inside of the wood of your home. Fire ants will bite your family members or pets and can cause serious allergic reactions in some people. Fire ants will build their colonies in your yard, but they are difficult to deal with because of their extensive tunneling systems.

Ants can be difficult to eliminate because you must kill the queen to eliminate the colony. Baits that you buy at the store may only solve the problem for a short time, and then the ants will return in a few weeks. While trying to keep your home clean may help to prevent ants, it will not stop a colony that is already established. If you want to deal with your ants once and for all, contact the ant control experts at EcoTek who can perform a free ant inspection and give you a treatment plan customized for your needs.

Termite Control

mud tubesWhen it comes to your home, termites pose a big risk. They are voracious eaters and they can eat through an entire home in just a few years. Termite infestations are not often discovered until significant damage has been done. Signs of termites include discarded wings and mud tubes that are along the sides of your foundation. If you see any of these signs, you need to schedule a free termite inspection right away.

Exterminating termites needs to be done by a professional, and EcoTek offers a turnkey termite control solution. This includes the extermination of termites, as well as the cleanup and termite damage repairs to your home. The repair services are optional, but we offer rates that are less expensive than the independent contractors in the area. It also includes continued monitoring to make sure that the termites do not return. The treatments are effective for either five or ten years. Stop worrying about termites and contact the experts at EcoTek today.

Bed Bug Control

bed bugsBed bugs can keep you awake at night, especially if you are worried about being bitten. They can go up to thirty days between feedings, so you may not realize that you have a problem until an infestation has established itself. Signs of bed bugs are the rows of small itchy bites, bloodstains on your sheets and droppings that are black or rust colored in your bedding on your mattress or on the wall behind your headboard. While it’s true bed bugs do not spread diseases, but they can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Many people think bed bugs are the result of poor housekeeping, which they are not. Most people accidentally bring bed bugs home from them after a trip or stay in a hotel room. They will wander into your luggage without you realizing it. Since they are very small they can be difficult to find and treat. They can hide in the cracks in your furniture or in the the baseboards of your room. They may also be in your box springs or under your mattress. The bed bug control experts at EcoTek know how to find and treat bed bugs. Contact EcoTek to set up your free bed bug inspection today.

Cockroach Control

roach on ledgeCockroaches can spread a number of illnesses as they crawl over your dishes and through your food leaving bacteria wherever they crawl. Signs of cockroaches include seeing them around your home, droppings that look like pepper flakes, and egg casings. If you see one or two roaches there are more in your home, and because roaches multiply rapidly, you can have a serious infestation in just a short amount of time. This can affect people with allergies and asthma.

There are several different cockroaches that are common in North Carolina and they each require a different treatment strategy. The expert technicians can identify the type of roaches you have whether they are German, Oriental or American roaches and then design a treatment plan to get rid of roaches once and for all. Stop worrying about a possible cockroach infestation; contact thew EcoTek cockroach control professionals to schedule a free cockroach inspection today.

Flea and Tick Control

tick on thumbFleas and ticks can live in your backyard and find their way into your home by catching a ride on your pet or even on you. Fleas can lay up to fifty eggs a day. The eggs will drop off your pet and into your carpet. You may notice that you have an issue with fleas by the itchy bites around your ankles. Fleas can make your pets miserable and anemic. They can also spread diseases like cat scratch fever and tapeworms. You will need to treat both your pets and your home for fleas. Flea powders can be messy and ineffective. If you want to get rid of fleas, you should trust a professional.

Many ticks can also spread a number of serious illnesses including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. If they find their way into your home, they will wander around until they find another host to attach to you. Contact the flea and tick control experts at EcoTek to schedule a free flea and tick inspection and to learn about preventative flea and tick treatments for your yard.

Rodent Control

mouseMice and rats are some of the most destructive pests that can invade your home. Once inside they will build a nest and begin to scavenge through your home in search of food. They can chew through items you have stored, ruin your food and chew through walls and electrical wires creating a possible fire hazard. They will leave trails of urine and droppings throughout your home, which is how they spread diseases like the hantavirus.

If you see signs of rodents like droppings, or holes in your walls or the creatures themselves, you should contact the rodent control experts at EcoTek. We offer a turnkey solution that includes trapping and removing the rodents, helping with cleanup and decontamination and installing pest exclusion barriers around your home. Don’t wait, contact EcoTek to schedule your free rodent inspection today.

Wildlife Removal

wildlife typesWildlife can invade your home and property and cause serious property damage. Snakes, bats, birds, woodchucks, rabbits and squirrels can move into your home and be a danger to both your family and your home. Raccoons can be territorial and will attack a pet or family member if threatened. The wildlife can pull down insulation, venting and wiring causing serious damage. There is also the issue of them biting your someone or spreading disease. Trying to trap the animals yourself may increase the chances of you being bitten.

At EcoTek we offer humane trapping and removal of any wildlife that is one your property. Our technicians will set traps that will safely trap the animals. The technicians will check the traps daily and once they catch an animal they will drive it at least twenty-five miles away before releasing it back out into the wild. The technicians can also install exclusion barriers to prevent any future wildlife from invading your home. Call and schedule your free wildlife inspection today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of treatments do you offer?

    We have both conventional and organic treatment options for the majority of our pet control services. Termite treatment is only available through conventional methods, but this applied to the exterior of your home. All the treatment options are safe for you and your family.

    Can I be gone during a visit?

    You can be away from home as long as you give the technician to your property. The technician will leave a note stating the time and date of the treatment. You will need to remove your pets from the property before any treatment.

    How long do treatments takes?

    Treatments usually take about twenty minutes, but may take longer depending on the size of your home. The initial treatment also includes an inspection and should take about thirty minutes overall. If you have a larger home, you can receive a time estimate based on your square footage when you call.

    What is the difference between carpenter ants and termites?

    Carpenter ants do not eat wood, and they look like larger black ants. They have clearly defined waists. Termites are more uniform in length. They have two sets of wings that are the same size and are just bit longer than the body.

    Is it hard to treat for bed bugs?

    Bed bugs have become resistant to some types of treatment, which is why it is important to contact a professional. Bed bugs must have the treatment applied directly to them. You need to look for them in very small cracks and it can take some time to complete a treatment.

    Is same day service available?

    If you contact the office before noon, we can usually complete a treatment the same time. If you call in the afternoon, we can schedule an appointment for treatment the next day. Contact EcoTek today to deal with the pests in your home.

    Are there treatment plans available?

    We offer three pest control plans. The first includes conventional treatment. The second plan offers the organic treatment option. The third also includes termite treatment and monitoring.

    How often do you check the traps for wildlife control?

    We will check the trap every twenty-four to forty-eight hours. We do not want an animal to suffer from starvation or dehydration. You can contact us if you find an animal in a trap so that we can take it off your property right away.

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