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Clayton pest controlClayton, North Carolina is located southeast of Raleigh in Johnston County. Located more in the rural part of the state, it is still close enough to RDU area to allow people to commute into work each day. Clayton has a population of 18,445 ( Clayton has a number of service oriented and manufacturing jobs including locations by Grifols, Caterpillar, and Novo Nordisk. There are a number of different historic sites to visit in Clayton including the Clayton Historic District and Walter R. and Eliza Smith Moore House. When visiting Clayton, you may want to visit the Deep River Brewing Company or the Clemmons Educational State Forest.

Clayton enjoys a temperate climate with hot, humid summers and very mild winters. This happens to be the perfect breeding ground for a variety of insects including cockroaches, termite sand ants. In Clayton, you may also have more issues with wildlife wandering through your property since it is located in a more rural area. Insects, rodents, and wild animals can leave behind feces and droppings that can cause you to become sick. They can also cause damage to your home causing it to need extensive repairs. Fortunately, EcoTek Termite and Pest Control offers the solutions that you need to protect your home and your family. EcoTek offers both conventional and organic treatment options to help with all of your pest control needs.

Your home is your most valuable asset and you want it to be a safe place for your family to stay. It is important to act quickly if you suspect that you have an infestation. Contact the Clayton pest control professionals at EcoTek to schedule a free inspection and learn more about how EcoTek can help you.

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  • Ant Control

    ant control in Clayton

    Ants are one of the most common pests that we are called to treat. Ants live and work in large colonies and just killing the ants that you see will not solve the problem. The ants will continue to send new workers into your home. In order to stop ants, you need to kill the queen, which will eliminate the entire colony. There are three different types of ants in North Carolina. Household ants usually build their colonies outside of your home and send workers into your home in search of food and water. Carpenter ants build their homes in the wood of your home, and can cause damage from termites. Fire ants will build their mounds in your backyard and can bite your children or your pets.

    While keeping your home clean can help with preventing ants, it will not stop them from continuing to come in. The best option is to turn to the experts at the EcoTek. You can schedule a free ant inspection and receive an estimate for the ant control treatment. We can stop the ants from invading your home and property today.

    Termite Control

    termite control in Clayton

    Termites eat the wood inside of your home. They are usually active in areas where you cannot see them. They can cause extensive damage before you even realize it. Termites will eat through your floor joists, electrical wiring and even pool liners. They can do serious structural damage to your home and cause thousands of dollars in damages. Signs of a termite infestation include mud tubes on the sides of your foundation, discarded wings and damaged wood with squeaky floorboards.

    Termites can eat through a pound of wood a day and through an entire house in just two years. It is important to act quickly if you expect you have an infestation. It is also important to have an annual inspection to make sure that termites are not an issue. You can schedule a free termite inspection at EcoTek. We offer a turnkey termite control solution that includes treatment, clean up and termite damage repairs as well as continued monitoring. Learn more about our termite control services.

    Bed Bug Control

    bed bug control in Clayton

    Bed bugs are making a comeback throughout the United States. Many people pick them up when traveling on business or for a vacation. They can wander into your suitcase in your hotel room. However, some people have picked them up from a gym or even from a school. Since the bed bugs are so small and can go up to thirty days without feeding. Many people do not realize they are an issue until an infestation has set in. Signs include rows of itchy bites, bloodstains in the sheets or droppings in the bed. Bed bugs are the most active in the hour just before dawn.

    Treating bed bugs on your own can be difficult. They are resistant to certain types of pesticide. Additionally, the treatment needs to be applied directly to them, and bed bugs can hide in the smallest cracks. Since they are nocturnal, you may not even see them during the day, which makes it even more difficult to find the small cracks that they like to hide in. The best option is to contact the professional at EcoTek for a free bed bug inspection and estimate for a bed bug control treatment.

    Cockroach Control

    cockroach control in Clayton

    Cockroaches are another common problem in North Carolina where the climate is very conducive for roaches. There are three common types of roaches that we are asked to treat. German roaches are small and brown and tend to spend time in the kitchen. Oriental roaches are black and can be found around pipes. American roaches are larger and grow up to 1 ½ inches long and they can fly. Cockroaches like to live in small confined spaces like behind your refrigerator, or between the walls and cabinets.

    Cockroaches can pose a serious health risk to because they will spread bacteria and germs over dishes and in your food as they crawl around. Each type of roach requires a different treatment. A professional can identify the types of roaches, and find where they are making their nests. If you suspect that you may have cockroaches, you should contact the EcoTek cockroach control team to schedule a free cockroach inspection.

    Flea and Tick Control

    flea and tick control in Clayton

    Fleas and ticks are commonly associated with pets, but it is possible to contract them even without having pets in your home. Fleas will catch a ride in on your clothing, if you have been somewhere that has fleas. Fleas can lay up to fifty eggs a day. They will drop off your pet and into your carpet, so it makes treating your home just as important as treating your pet for fleas. Fleas can make your pets sick with cat scratch fever or tapeworms. Signs of fleas can be bites around your ankles or fleas on your pets. Treating for fleas on your own means dealing with messy powders that are not always effective.

    Ticks also pose a risk because they carry serious illnesses like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Ticks can come in on your clothes or on your pets. It is important to regularly check your pets for ticks, and remove them if you have them. If you suspect that you have an issue with ticks or fleas in your home, you should contact the flea and tick control professionals at EcoTek to schedule a free flea and tick inspection.

    Rodent Control

    rat and mouse control in Clayton

    Rodent infestations can be a nightmare. When you realize you have a mouse or rat in your home, you will want it gone as quickly as possible. Rodents will leave trails of urine, feces and blood throughout your house. They can ruin the food that you have in your house and they will spread diseases like the hantavirus. They can also damage your home by chewing through the walls and wiring in your home. Since mice reproduce rapidly, one or two can quickly turn into an infestation.

    Trapping mice on your own can be dangerous. There is the chance you may be scratched or bitten. The best option is to contact the rodent control experts at EcoTek who can trap and remove the rodents for you. They can assist with decontamination and clean up and then install exclusion barriers around your home to make sure you do not have to worry about rodents get into your home again. This turnkey solution means that you can stop worrying about the rodents in your home today.

    Wildlife Control and Removal

    wildlife control in Clayton

    There is a wide variety of wild animals that can invade your home and family and put you and your family at risk. These animals can spread diseases and possibly bite or scratch your children or your pets. Signs of an issue may be scratching in your walls or your attic. You may notice a strong smell in your home or crawlspace. Another sign may be trash strewn about your yard. Raccoons, bats, squirrels and other wild animals can damage your property can create a fire hazard. Raccoons can be aggressive when defending their territory.

    Trying to trap the animals yourself, you run the risk of being bitten. It is best to call the wildlife control experts at EcoTek, who can trap and remove any wild animals that are in your home on your property. We use humane traps that will not harm the animals. We will check the traps on a daily basis to make sure that no animals suffers from dehydration or starvation. Once we trap the animal, we will drive it twenty-five miles away before releasing it into the wild, so that it will not return to your property. We can also install exclusion barriers to prevent other animals from getting in.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does an inspection take?

    The initial appointment will take about thirty minutes if you decide to have the treatment at the same time. The times may be longer if you live in a large home or property. Termite inspections may take longer. Bed bug treatments usually take up to an hour per room.

    Do you offer green treatments?

    We offer both conventional and organic treatments for the majority of our pest control services. The termite treatments are only available as conventional treatments, but they are applied to the outside of your home. Your technician can help you determine the best treatment based on your situation.

    Is it safe to be home during a treatment?

    The treatments are safe and you and your children can be home during a treatment. We ask that pets be removed from the property during the treatment and for four hours after the treatment is completed. This will keep them safe until the treatment is dry.

    Can I sign up for a treatment plan?

    We offer three different treatment plans. One plan offers a conventional treatment option. The second plan includes the organic treatment option. The third option includes termite treatment and monitoring.

    How can I stop ants?

    The best way to stop ants is to keep your home clean. Be sure to do the dishes after each meal and to wipe down your table and counters. Sweep the floor each night and take out the trash. This will prevent ants from finding anything to feed on.

    What can I do to prevent fleas?

    The best thing to do is to use preventative flea treatments on your pets. You can use a flea collar, drops or an oral medication. Your vet can make a recommendation for your pet. There is also the option of treating your yard to reduce the chances of getting fleas.

    How can I tell that I have cockroaches?

    One sign is seeing cockroaches in your home. If you see one there are likely more in your home. You may also see droppings which look like pepper flakes or egg casings around your home. There may be also be a strong odor if the infestation is large.


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