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Cary pest controlAt last count, it was estimated there are more than 155,277 people that call Cary NC their home. Cary is rapidly growing and is *ranked in the top 50 best places in America to live. This rapid growth also pushes native species of insects and wildlife into a closer proximity with the homes and businesses of Cary, which in turn causes new homes to be faced with infestations from ants, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, termites, and a host of wildlife and rodents such as rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, possums, birds, bats, and skunks just to name a few.

The pest control experts at EcoTek have years of experience in not only eliminating insect infestations and wildlife intrusions, but they are also exterminators that understand the process of cleaning up and decontaminating areas where infestations and wildlife have occurred, and can not only repair property damage from the pests, but they complete the turnkey pest control services by also setting up exclusion barriers as needed.


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Ant Extermination

ant exterminators in ApexAlthough people can sometimes confuse the difference between termites and ants, the best way to tell the difference is to look at the body. An ant body is usually segmented in 3 sections, whereas a termite has only a head and body, plus their antennae are straight whereas the antennae of an ant is bent. Most of our customers that are seeking to get rid of ants are either experiencing indoor ants that are either common household ants or carpenter ants, or they’re calling for us to exterminate a red imported fire ant infestation in their yard. Household ants are typically the ants you’ll notice that nest within your pantry or near containers of food, but carpenter ants which are highly destructive will live and breed within the wooden framework of your home. Red imported fire ants can be destructive to your landscaping by producing a multitude of colony mounds which can kill your grass, but they are also very dangerous due to how they will swarm and sting anything that threatens their colonies. Identifying red imported fire ants is pretty straightforward, but when it comes to ants within your home it’s best if you call the experts at EcoTek for a free ant inspection and estimate.

Termite Control

termite control in CaryTermites are without a doubt the most destructive pest we deal with that can rapidly devalue a property to a fraction of what it’s worth, so it’s vital that you contact the expert termite exterminators at EcoTek immediately for a free termite inspection along with a free estimate that will help you to understand the full extent of how much damage has been done to your home. EcoTek will not only help you get rid of the termite infestation completely, but can also clean up all the areas where termites lived, bred, and fed. Once the cleanup process is done, EcoTek has a team that specializes in dealing with home repairs that are a result of termite damage. Learn more about our Cary termite treatment.

Bed Bug Extermination

Cary bed bug exterminatorsMany people will sometimes confuse flea infestations with bed bug infestations since both insects are extremely small and hard to see. If you get a single bite from something that immediately swells and start to itch, then chances are you have a flea infestation, but if you notice you have rows of bites that are in a pattern, then chances are greater that you have bed bugs. EcoTek provides free bed bug inspections and free estimates if you not sure whether you have a flea or bed bug infestation, so a simple call to us and we’ll come out right away to see what is biting you. If it turns out that you have bed bugs, we can eliminate them by using either a chemical based solution, or through heat remediation. Also understand that bed bugs will not only live and breed within your bed, but they also flourish within chairs and sofas.

Cockroach Extermination

cockroach exterminators in CaryWhen it comes to exterminating cockroaches, there are usually 2 types of cockroaches that are predominant in the Cary area, the German and American cockroaches. The German cockroach is normally the smaller of the two, and what you’ll usually see within your kitchen scurrying in every direction when the lights come on at night. They can be identified by 2 dark parallel lines right behind their head. They will live and breed within just about every area of your kitchen, and will crawl through your food and among your dinnerware and utensils spreading everything they crawl through onto items you ingest. The American cockroach is by far the largest of the 2, and since they are highly attracted to moisture you’ll see them in damp areas such as in your basement, crawl space, under sinks, and in your laundry room. Getting rid of cockroaches is as easy as calling for a free cockroach inspection and free estimate that will give you a better idea of the extent of your cockroach infestation and how much it will cost to get rid of them.

Flea and Tick Extermination

Cary flea and tick exterminatorsFlea and tick infestations are not solely a pest control issue for pet owners, but both fleas and ticks can attach themselves to you and your family and find a new habitat within your home. Although some people think that fleas are only an annoyance that can cause scratching, they can actually carry diseases from creatures they bite before they bite you, plus ticks are known carriers of Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Our flea and tick control experts can give you a free flea and tick inspection that will not only determine the extent of the flea and tick infestation within your home, but also outline the areas around your home where fleas and ticks reside so we can eliminate them from conveniently reentering your home.

Rodent Trapping and Removal

Cary rodent trapping and removalDiscovering that your home or business has a rat or mouse infestation can be very unnerving, and when you take into account not only the dangers of the diseases that rats and mice carry, but also the shear damage they can inflict on your property through their chewing, nesting, feeding, feces, and dead carcasses, then you should know to immediately call the EcoTek rodent control team to come and give you a free consultation and estimate to help you understand the level of infestation you have, as well as what it will cost to remove them, clean up their remnants, repair the damage, and lastly set up exclusion barriers to prevent them from returning. Every day that you wait to remove them is one more day that these rodents will destroy the walls, wiring, and flooring of your home, but can also turn anything you have stored into their home where they will chew everything within reach.

Wildlife Control

Cary wildlife controlWildlife such as bats and squirrels are well know for living in attics, where their droppings can accumulate and over time cause your entire home to have a very unpleasant aroma. Other types of wildlife such as raccoons and possums will move into your basement or crawlspace and proceed to destroy your ducts and insulation so they can build nests and get warmth during the winter months as your heat pours out of the destroyed ducts instead of the vents within your home. There are also animals such as moles, voles, gophers, and woodchucks that will burrow throughout your yard or property and destroy your landscaping. If you have a garden rabbits and deer will enjoy feeding on the fruits of your labors. If any of these situations describe what you’re contending with at your home or business, then you need to call the EcoTek wildlife control team that are experts at trapping and removing wildlife within your home, and around your property. EcoTek can also not only remove live animals from your property, but they can also remove dead animal carcasses that can cause the entire area around your home or company to smell bad. Once the wildlife has been removed, EcoTek can also repair any damage that’s been done, and then set up animal exclusion barriers that will prevent the wildlife from returning.


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Very happy with how quickly they came out after we first called them and got rid of a problem we were having with bed bugs. Everything we tried on our own wouldn’t work, but they were able to get rid of them completely.

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