What Is Crawlspace Encapsulation?

damaged crawlspace
Image courtesy of Jenny Cestnik via Flickr CC by ND 2.0
Crawlspace encapsulation is the process that seals off your crawlspace from the elements. It is a process that can have a variety of benefits for your home including lowering your cooling and heating bills and it can make your home healthier as it can address issues with the cleanliness of the air.

What Happens During Crawlspace Encapsulation?

The entire crawlspace is sealed off. The ground underneath the crawlspace is sealed off with a liner. It will go up to the wood of the home. If you have batting siding, it is usually replaced with board siding. This is helpful because it is more mold resistant. It can also do a better job of keeping your floorboards warm. The ductwork is changed so that the air from your air conditioner is now circulated throughout the crawlspace. This helps your air conditioner and furnace to work more efficiently since the outside air will not affect the system. The vents into the crawlspace are sealed off, and a special door is installed that will seal the space completely.

Why Should I Consider This?

There are many reasons why crawlspace encapsulation is a good option. It can improve your air quality. A crawlspace that is not sealed off can become humid and it can cause the wood to rot, it can also cause issues with allowing old to grow which will affect the air inside of your home. This can also give your home an extra layer of protection against insects like termites or other pests that may invade your home. It keeps the wood in your crawlspace dry and away from the insects.

Can I Do This Project on My Own?

There are a number of different steps that you will need to take and changes that you will need to make to a number of systems. It can take time, and if you miss one step or miss sealing one item, all your hard work may be for nothing. It is better to allow the professionals to take care of it for you. They can do it more quickly and make sure that everything is done correctly. They can address all the issues including possible drainage issues in the crawlspace that you may not recognize on your own. Although you may think that this is a costly project, it will save you money in your heating and cooling bills and in possible termite extermination and other repairs that can happen when your home is not properly cared for.