The Best Ways to Prevent Rodents

baby mice
Image courtesy of Polarqueen CC by-S.A. 3.0
Rodents are a nightmare for any homeowner. It is a hassle to trap rodents if they get into your home, not to mention the extensive cleanup process that follows. They can also spread disease and may bite your family members. The best thing you can do is to take the steps to help prevent rodents from getting in your home. Here are some things you can do to eliminate rodents from making your home their haven:

Prevent Rodents by Keeping Your Home Clean

Rodents are attracted to smells and readily available food. If you have a teenager that loves to leave food in their room or in the family room, you may be attracting the rodents into your home without realizing it. Doing the dishes each night and taking out the trash can help. Keeping your food stored in airtight containers and keeping your home free from clutter will also help prevent rodents from setting up a nest in your home.

Prevent Rodents by Repairing Your Home

Rodents are opportunistic. They will take advantage of any weak areas in your home and work to find their way in. Be sure that you regularly check the areas where the pipes and drains come into your home, as this is often an easy access point. Your crawlspace and along your foundation can also give access as well as your roof and under the eaves. If you see weak wood or holes repair them to stop the rodents from coming in.

Prevent Rodents by Addressing Your Property

Taking care of your property can help prevent rodents from finding their way into your home. If you have a lot of junk on your property, there are more places for them to hide. If you allow your lawn to become overgrown, you can also increase the chances of rodents hiding in the grass and then moving into your home as the weather becomes cold. If you keep the trees and bushes trimmed away from your home, you make it more difficult for the rodents to get into your home.

Prevent Rodents by Covering Your Trash

It is important to make sure the trash stored outside of your home is covered and sealed tightly. Open trash cans or overflowing trash cans attract animals and rodents. Once they are on your property, they are more likely to move into your home and cause issues there. Keeping the cans closed tightly can make a big difference overall.