Preparing to Sell Your Home After a Termite Infestation

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Image courtesy of Images Money via Flickr CC by 2.0
When you learn that you have termites, you may be wondering how it will affect your ability to sell your home in the future. You may have taken care of the problem and tried to put it out of your mind, but now that it is time to sell, you will need to take a few extra steps to be sure that the sale of your home goes smoothly. Under law you must disclose that your home has had termites in the past, but there are things you can do to help things go smoothly when you are selling.

Show Documentation of the Original Treatment and Findings

You need to keep copies of the initial inspection that showed the termite activity, as well as the treatment that was completed to eliminate the termites. This report can answer questions about the type of treatment that was used, and how extensive the termite damage was to the home. This gives your potential buyer a clear understanding of what the issues were.

Be Prepared to Show Evidence of Repairs

It is important to provide documentation of the repairs that were made. It should show that all of the damage in the initial report was taken care of. You can provide the name of contractor or company that completed the repairs. This gives another layer of transparency which will help your buyer to feel more comfortable about buying the home.

Explain Monitoring and Further Treatments

As part of the treatment, you will receive information on how long the termite treatment will last. You will also need to have continued monitoring done of your property to make sure there are no issues in the future. It is a good to have regular inspections done on your home. Depending on the type of treatment that you had done, you may need continued treatments. You should provide the type of treatment, and you should also give the name of the company that you used to complete this service. Many new home buyers will continue to use the same company, especially if the warranties from the initial treatment carry over.

Schedule a New Inspection

You should schedule a free termite inspection as part of preparing to sell your home. This report will report on any current activity in your home by termites or other wood destroying organisms. If you have had regular treatments and inspections since your original treatment then this report should not show any problems. If it does show an issue, then you will need to have another treatment, and make any necessary repairs.