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Fuquay-Varina termite controlFuquay-Varina, North Carolina is part of the Triangle. Located in the southeastern section of Wake county, it has recently undergone a significant population growth as more families are moving out to Fuquay-Varina. There are a number of parks in the area along with an activity recreation program. In addition, you can visit the historic district of the city. The commute to Raleigh is just twenty-five minutes away. Fuquay-Varina offers the best of small town living and a community that supports each other with just 22,644 residents and it is a great place to call home.

Fuquay-Varina still has a number of areas that are not developed which means that there a number of woods, which are a great breeding ground for termites. With the collection of both older and newer homes and number of them built primarily out of wood, this is the perfect breeding ground for treatments. It is important to take the proper steps to protect your home by scheduling annual termite control inspections. Termites can quickly damage your home and cause a significant drop in your property value. Take the steps to protect your home today. Contact EcoTek to set up your free termite inspection.

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  • How to Determine if You Have Termites

    Termites live and work behind the scenes. You may not notice them until they have done significant damage. However, there are signs that you can watch for that can indicate termite activity in your home or around your property.

    • Discarded Wings
      Termites will pull off their wings after they move to a new nest or establish a new colony. If you see discarded wings, you may have a newly established colony.
    • Mud Tubes
      These are narrow tubes of mud about the width of a pencil on the side of your foundation. If you break them open, you should see termites.
    • Wood Damage
      The wood damage will be in long grooves and usually behind or under the surface of the wood.
    Wood Damage
    Wood Damage
    Termite Wings
    Termite Wings

    Mud Tubes

    It is important to be proactive when it comes to termites. You can schedule a free termite inspection with EcoTek. A technician will inspect your home to see if there are any signs of termites. If you do not have termites, you will receive a report stating that. If termite activity is found, you will receive a written estimate and a clear treatment plan, as well as a list of repairs that need to be made. Our turnkey termite solution will not only treat for termites, but it will also cover cleanup, repairs and monitoring.

    Termite Control Fuquay Varina

    Effective Termite Treatments

    EcoTek uses Termidor SC, which is one of the best liquid termiticides on the market. It is both safe and effective. It is applied directly to the top of your foundation. Termites will crawl through the insecticide and carry it back to the colony where it will kill the queen and eventually the entire colony.

    organic Termite Pest Control Fuquay Varina

    Chemical Free Monitoring Stations

    EcoTek offers a chemical free monitoring option that is safe to use around wild animals and your pets. Our technicians will place bait stations around your property. They will check the stations quarterly for signs of termite activity and can begin treatment if they find any. The bait stations have wood, cardboard and cellulose which naturally attract termites. .

    Wood Destroying Insect Reports and Free Inspection Services

    EcoTek offers an extensive free termite inspection known as the WDIR 100 report. This report will outline any termite or wood destroying organism activity in your home. The report not only includes termites, but will also report on activity of powder post beetles, wood borers and carpenter bees. These reports can be used when buying or selling a property.
    This service is always available to home owners as well as these businesses:

    • Commercial properties
    • Institutional properties
    • Multi Family units
    • Realtors
    • Residential Builder Services

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    +Structural TermiteGuard Warranty and Renewal Program

    EcoTek offers a +Structural termite coverage agreements that includes treating and preventing termites as well as treating other insects and pests that may enter you home. If you see signs of roaches, fleas, bed bugs, ants, ticks or other insects then we will send out a technician to treat your home, so that you be assured the home is pest free. Our +Structural Termite Guard warranty state that if there is any termite activity or damage after the initial treatment or after monitoring of your property with bait stations starts, we will be responsible for treatment, cleanup and repairing the damage to your home.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know if I have ants or termites?

    Termites are uniform in width and have two sets of wings that are about the same size. Carpenter ants look like household ants only bigger. They are black and have clearly segmented waists.

    How do the monitoring stations work?

    Termites are naturally attracted to the wood cores that are in the bait stations. It allows our technicians to check your property quarterly for signs of activity around your home so that treatment can begin before the termites reach your home.

    Is the treatment safe for my family?

    The treatment is safe for your family. Termidor SC is one of the safest termite treatments on the market. Our technicians are trained in applying it properly. It is applied directly to your foundation around the exterior of your home.

    What damage do termites do to your property?

    Termites can eat through the floor joists and supporting wall frame. This can weaken the overall structural integrity of your property. Termites can also eat through the electrical casing around wiring causing a fire hazard?

    How much wood do termites eat?

    A termite colony can eat through a pound of wood a day. A colony can eat through an entire home in just two years. The longer you wait to treat termites, the more damage they can do leading to more expensive termite damage repairs.

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