Crawlspace and Basement Wood Rot Repair

wood rot repairWood rot can happen at any time, anywhere in a crawlspace or basement. Even small rainwater leaks or condensation caused by summer humidity can cause significant damage over time, threatening the durability and structural integrity of floor joists, sub-floor, door thresholds, siding, interior and exterior trim, etc. In addition, soft, rotting wood is an open invitation for termite infestation, which can require extensive termite control treatments, and ultimately work that will repair termite damage. If you notice any moisture control issues in your basement, crawlspace, or floor, you may be a victim of wood rot and could be under threat of future termite damage and/or potentially expensive structural repairs.

Wood rot can cause serious structural damage to your home. It can spread from the area of a the leak to other ares in your home. This means that it is important to deal with the wood rot as soon as you suspect that you have it. If you do have a leak or broken pipe, it is essential to dry out the area completely to prevent wood rot from developing. After a leak, you should inspect the are periodically until the area is completely dry. The experts in the EcoTek Home Services department can help you address issues that you may have with wood rot. Being able to identify signs of wood rot can allow you to protect your home.

Signs of Wood Rot

  • Areas of Softened or Flaked Wood
  • Discoloration, Water Staining (Whitening or Darkening) on Framing Members
  • Standing water in Crawlspace/Basement
  • Water (Condensation ) Dripping Off Crawlspace/Basement Ceiling or Insulation Batts
  • Rainwater Leaks or Splash-up Damage

The good news is that the EcoTek Wood Rot Repair Division can fix the problem before it gets worse! We have over 45 years combined experience in residential repairs and moisture damage remediation, crawlspace improvement, moisture management, general residential construction and home performance. Let EcoTek do the dirty work for you!

Let The Wood Rot Repair Professionals At EcoTek Do The Dirty Work For You!